The Best Gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is coming up, and if you don’t want to resort to the tired old gifts of flowers and chocolates, try something different this year. Here are the best gifts for your mum this mothers day:

Take her out

You don’t need to spend a bunch of money to make sure your mum has an amazing day. Most of the time all our mums really want is to spend some quality time with us. Take her out for brunch, go for a drive, or spend some time window shopping on the day. Your mum will appreciate spending time with you, and you’ll be able to make the most of the day without worrying if she likes her last-minute gift.


Help around the house

This one is easy, cheap, and mum is guaranteed to appreciate it. Do some housework, paint the fence, cook a few meals and stick them in the freezer, or finally organise the box of your stuff she’s been storing for the last ten years. These are all excellent ways to help out, and your mum will love the thought involved.

Spoil her

Mums never spoil themselves, so why not get her a voucher for her local spa? Ask about their most popular treatments, and splurge for a massage, facial, or manicure. For bonus points, take her yourself and spend the day relaxing and gossiping.

Take a class

Has your mum always wanted to learn French? Maybe she loves scented candles and has always thought about making her own, or maybe since the kids have left she wants to focus on learning how to cook Indian food. Whatever it is, sign her up for a term of classes, and to make it extra special, sign yourself up as well.


A personalised gift

Has your mum been hinting about something specific? If she’s been wanting to buy something for a while, and you don’t have the time to hit the shops, simply buy online, and arrange to have it delivered for mothers day. This will show you care, and that you listen when she’s telling you all about the cute little knick-knack she spotted last weekend.

Make a gift basket

Gift baskets make awesome mothers day presents, since they allow you tailor the gift to her interests, while still remaining relatively budget-friendly. Grab a cheap basket, and fill it with bubble bath, candles, wine, chocolates, a good book, and some scented moisturiser. She’ll be able to give herself a few at-home spa treatments, which are the perfect way to unwind after a long day.


I know, I know, flowers are boring. But getting mum a potted plant, or some flowers for outside is different. Not only will they last for years, but every time your mum waters them she’ll think of you.



Does your mum have a signature scent? You can’t go wrong with perfume, and whether your mum uses it once in a while, or everyday, perfume is an indulgence that she’ll appreciate, since mums rarely treat themselves.




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