Three ways to save money on household items

Running a home can be expensive no matter what your income or whether it’s an apartment or a four bedroomed house. I know from experience that there are so many people today who struggle to afford basic living costs, so I’ve put together just a few top tips on easy ways of saving money through every-day household items. Hopefully, it will help to build up your savings pot and ease your concerns.


  • Shop around for better quality

Thanks to the global reach of suppliers these days, there’s no one destination on the high street where you buy items such as electrical goods – make sure you train yourself as a savvy shopper and start looking for online deals. Amazon, Pixmania, and even eBay are great sources of top flight electrical goods for cheaper prices.

I would suggest going into shops to physically look at the item you want to buy, before noting down the name and brand to look at later. This practice is known as ‘showrooming’ and is incredibly popular these days. I recently bought a new printer and used this exact strategy; you’ll often be able to get a much better quality for cheaper, meaning that not only do you save yourself a bundle immediately, but also in the long-term as you don’t need to replace it as quickly.

  • Stock up on stationary

There are plenty of household items that you can stock up on, and for me it’s stationary. I’m forever running out of pens, printer paper, highlighters and especially ink cartridges. In order to save money, whenever I’m running low on the hp photosmart 5520 ink for my printer, I make a point of looking around for deals. When I find the best one, I’ll bulk-buy a lot of packs in one order. There are some places in particular that give special rates the more you buy, and give you special offers if you sign up to be a member.

It doesn’t have to be stationary though – just think about the kinds of items you use a lot of. Toilet roll, toothpaste, tissues, washing up liquid? If you look online, you’ll find tonnes of suppliers who deal in bulk orders.


  • Re-think utility bills

Never think that you are tied to one provider; money is tight, and you should only ever be loyal to the one who gives you the best deal. If you’ve been with a company for a while, look around for current tariffs offered by other providers for new customers – if you find a better one, use it as a bargaining tool to negotiate a better rate.

I would also recommend looking into the costs for your home of switching some of your products to their eco equivalents, such as energy saving light bulbs, solar panels for electricity and capping your thermostat at a certain temperature. You can find more examples like this here.

How do you save money in your household? Don’t be shy, and leave me a comment with your own ideas and saving tips.


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