Tips on How to Celebrate Environment-Friendly Christmas

Just because we can’t go out of our house during the pandemic does not mean we can no longer be environmentally friendly. We do not need to be closer to nature to get a sense of our love for the environment. All we need is to make sure we are doing our part to having a more sustainable environment with the little things that we do. 

And now that the Holidays is fast approaching, there will be so many activities lined up which may affect our planet’s sustainability. 

Here are some tips on how we can be more sustainable this coming Holidays and how we can celebrate an environmentally friendly Christmas:

Wear the right clothes. And it doesn’t always mean you need to find new ones to wear. Or if you really have the itch to wear something new, your friends would not mind if your new clothing articles are bought second hand.

All about food. The Holidays demand a lot of food preparation. Hence, food leftovers are inevitable. we need to watch out for the food that we prepare. Even if it is the time for festivities, it is still never an excuse to cook and prepare in excess. 

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Not only should we be watchful with the quantity of the foods that we cook and prepare, but we also are mindful of the materials we use to cook and store them. Buying eco-friendly containers are much better than those easy-to dispose of containers. Even if they are recyclable and biodegradable, there is still a chance that these wastes are not treated properly and they may end up clogging our sewers or may end up in the oceans and other bodies of water which can affect the local wildlife.

Having a good choice of food and dishes can also help our environment. If we lean towards preparing green vegetables and salads more and less on processed meats, then we are doing our part in making the planet become sustainable.

On decorations. Always go for the gift wrappers made in paper and of biodegradable materials instead of plastics. And instead of using tapes to attach the ends of the wraps around the boxes, you can use handmade strings from handicraft stores.

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Buying personalized Christmas wall decor is much more advisable instead of buying the decorations that you can only use one time. Personalized decors are much more durable because they are meant to be used for many years. 

Always remember that if you are given the choice between the organic, recyclable materials over the synthetic and disposable ones which can no longer be reused, always go with the former. Buying artificial trees for Christmas will only contribute to plastic waste. Whereas buying an actual tree is more eco-friendly. 

On gifts. You would be doing the earth a lot of favor if you keep away from buying gifts that require batteries for them to work. Buy only things that you need. It is always less than the things that you want. Most of the things you want for Christmas end up being unused for the rest of the year. 

Also, if you are allowed to go shopping for gifts in your local stores, make sure to follow the standard health protocols for social distancing and wearing masks. It is also advisable to bring your own bag instead of bringing home with you paper bags for the things you purchased. 

You can also give non-tangible materials as gifts. You can give your loved ones the experience instead of something that they can put on display or to remember. You can give them the gift of time and experience something that they have not done before or they have been longing to do. Buy them packages for vacation or maybe a membership in one of the places or services they frequent too. 

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