Tips to stay fresh during long hours at work

No matter how good you look and how much time you spend on getting ready in the morning for work, come post lunch it’s easy to feel and look tired. So if you want a quick freshen up, use these tips for keeping yourself fresh during long hours at work.

Make use of the office or gym shower

Have a shower bag packed and under your desk with a towel, fresh underwear, Lynx body washand deodorant. When the afternoon slump hits, chuck yourself in the shower for a quick five-minute freshen up and feel the difference. It will be like stepping out fresh in the morning.


Carry baby wipes

If an office shower is unavailable then keep a pack of baby wipes in your office drawer. These are a portable shower that can help freshen the face, hands and whole body if needed.  Again chuck on some deodorant and you’ll be fresh and new.

Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate

Sitting in an air-conditioned office can be very dehydrating to the body and skin, often leaving us feeling tired and worn out in the afternoon. Then we just reach for more coffee, which is even further dehydrating on the body. Instead when feeling lethargic reach for a big glass of water. It can be useful to keep a big water bottle and glass on your desk as that constant reminder to drink up. Rehydration salts and sachets can help too if an afternoon dehydration headache kicks in.


Keep a spare, tie, shirt, blouse etc at your desk

We’ve all been there, got an important meeting coming up and then all of a sudden we drop our coffee, sandwich or soup down us.  Or perhaps all of a sudden you realise you have sweat stains under your arms. Either or it’s not a good look in front of the boss. Having a spare change of clothes on hand will help hit the refresh button and have you looking your utmost best all day long.

Take a walk around the block

If you are losing concentration from staring at your computer screen too long, pick yourself up out of your chair and get out of the office. People use the excuse of being too busy to leave; yet this can be totally counterproductive when you can’t focus on the task at hand. Getting yourself out into natural daylight and going for a brisk walk helps waken you up and gets you energized for the rest of the day.



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