Top 5 study tips

Studying the night before an exam or an assignment is due isn’t exactly the best way to study, or get you good grades for that matter. If you are struggling to develop some good study habits then here are my top five study tips that will help you fly through the semester and get the grades.

1. Start preparing at the beginning of the semester

Being organized is one of the keys to effective study. It should be no surprise to you that you will have to sit exams at the end of the semester. Trick is to start your studying and note organizing from the very get go. Create things like flash cards as you go through each topic throughout the semester. is a great online tool for flashcards. The more organised you are throughout the semester the less stress you will have come exam time.


2. Set a routine

The best way to build good habits is by establishing a routine in your day to day life. Pick a certain time and place that you will study each day and make it part of your daily activities. Once you have a routine established studying will become easy.

3. Create a nice study space

You are less likely to hit the books if you have piles of mess and junk in your study area. Create a nice clean organised space for you to study in that is appealing for you. Even add some nice flowers or candles for something extra nice.


4. Discover your study style

We all have different ways of learning new things, so find out what the best way for you. Perhaps you are a visual learner so use lots of drawings and diagrams. If you learn by doing, then start doing lots of practice exams. Others learn by auditory so start reading your notes aloud. By using the best study style for you, your studying will be far more effective and you will retain a lot more.

5. Take breaks and look after yourself

It’s okay to take breaks whilst studying, in fact it can make you far more effective if done regularly. For every hour of study you do, ensure you take a 15 to 20 minute brain break to recharge and restore. As well you wont be any good at studying if you get sick and run down. Throughout the semester it’s important to look after your health, get good sleep, exercise regularly and eat healthy.


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