Top 5 tips on how to decorate your house

The house that we live in, our home, is not only our shelter from the outside world, but also our safe place, where we are free to do and wear what we want, where we feel comfortable and can relax after a hard week at work. This is where our children are growing up and where we spend time with our family. Creating an environment that will not only be pleasant to be in but also will be functional for various events that will take place there, can be a challenging task, so here are top 5 tips to help you decorating and arranging your home.

Prior to changing or purchasing anything, do your research. It is essential to understand what exactly you would like to do, the style that best suits your needs and the possible furniture pieces that will be perfect for your family. Browse through magazines and websites, where you can save the interiors that you liked and perhaps try to combine various parts and elements from those to come up with something original, something that you will love.

Also, it is important to keep in mind that as your home improves it will become more alluring to burglars. While you’re enduring your decorating frenzy, it might be wise to find some time to implement some sort of wireless home security system. Not only will this give you peace of mind, but also add value and appeal to your home. Heck, in my opinion, it might as well be another decoration for your wall!


First thing that you should think of when decorating your house are the things and colours that would make you feel comfortable in it. This largely depends on your individual preferences, as some people feel that beige makes them relax, whereas for others, red, may be, the best colour. After all this is your home and you can do whatever you want, even if that is letting your children paint the walls in their rooms and fixing the living room together. The more your family is involved in the process, the more they will like to spend time there.

Decorating with your heart is the key in the decoration process – when you fix things by yourself, like lamps, furniture pieces and accessories, it makes you feel warm and welcome at your house. You feel that you contributed to the making of your home and you can spend time as a family during these DIY’s. Choosing and making some decorative elements together will bring you closer as a family.

It is important to think about the functions of your house – is it solely for relaxation time with the family? If so, then you are better off purchasing a big, comfortable couch that you can spend time on. Do you often host big dinners and parties? If your answer is ‘yes’, then think about getting minimum of furniture, but a large dinner table that will fit your guests. Apart from being practical, figuring out what the house will be mostly used for will save you a lot of money and unnecessary trips to the furniture store.


Another concept to think of is how often do you want to change your interiors? If you know that your children are small and they don’t understand the issue of being clean and taking care of the furniture, you might consider getting something budget-friendly from IKEA, that you won’t be worried about spilling a juice on. Thinking ahead and forecasting whether you can change your house every couple of years, or you want to invest in expensive furniture to get it over and done with for the next decade is the key.

Decorating your house can be a demanding task, and even if you cannot afford an interior designer, there are plenty of resources to use that will aid you in this process. The main thing to consider is what will make your home comfortable and functional for your needs and work from there. Whether it is your safe haven or a place where you host dinner parties every weekend, this is your house, and you make the rules, even if your choices are extravagant.

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