Top tips for throwing your next baby shower

Are you likely to be throwing a baby shower for one of the women in your life soon? If so, you may naturally be worried about making it as Pinterest-worthy as possible. Luckily, there are a few easy ways you can create a cute, unique shower that will be remembered:

Go retro

A beautiful vintage or retro-inspired shower can be a great way to stand out. Find vintage perfume bottles, fill them with water, and place them around the room. Buy some retro sweets and put them in tiny bowls along your dessert table. And choose lace tablecloths, black and white photos, and antique tea kettles to really take it up a notch.


Keep it low-key

For many pregnant women, the idea of putting on a pair of heels and dealing with a large group of people can be exhausting- especially later on during pregnancy. Unless the mama-to-be lets you know that she’s fine with a big bash, you may want to make it a little smaller than you were imagining. Never make the shower a surprise- the mom may not be feeling well enough to attend, depending on how her pregnancy is going.

Include the guys

While baby showers are typically women-oriented, especially for the first baby, there’s no reason why the baby’s dad and other friends and family members can’t be invited. This is particularly true if it’s the second or third baby- it’s nice to be able to involve the older siblings too.

Ditch tradition

Depending on the mother-to-be, a traditional baby shower with cutesie games and tiny portions of food may not be exactly what she’s hoping for. More and more moms are choosing parties that look similar to a girls’ night out, with some bars and wine studios now offering baby bump parties. Guests can drop in, sip champagne or try a new beer, examine art, and even go to dinner after.

Another great option (and one any pregnant woman is sure to love), is a spa day. You’ll just block out a few hours at your salon or find a service that will come to your home. A mani-pedi is a lovely idea, and if your friend or sister has more than enough things for the baby, why not spoil her with a spa voucher that she can use a few weeks after the baby is here?

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