Why continue to believe that love is the answer?

From a young age, one of the vital objectives, apart from getting a job and a house, is to find love. That special person, a better half, a companion for life. But, during the search for this ideal, it is normal to suffer several disappointments. So many stop believing that it really exists. So why keep the flame of hope burning?

Infidelity, deception, secrets, routine… There are many things that can put an end to a relationship and that is why it is important to take care of it. This feeling is more complicated than it seems.

In most cases, it doesn’t just come from a glance as it appears in the movies, and it is even possible that it is not reciprocated sometimes. So whenever it comes, it is necessary to value and know how to manage it.

What is love?

Times change rapidly and the concept and understanding of love evolve in the same way. In the past, it was quite normal to have marriages of convenience, where this feeling did not usually exist. Young girls were presented in society, in the hope that some well-placed gentleman would notice them. Something that is reflected in Jane Austen’s stories, such as Pride and Prejudice or in one of Netflix’s recent hits, Anne with an e. 

Over time that concept has changed, although the dream of being noticed by someone famous and wealthy remains, of course. Who wouldn’t want that? However, love and attraction became the protagonist and the most important thing. So much so that when a couple began, it was normal for them to get married relatively soon and stay married for the rest of their lives. Even if later, secretly, one of them ended up visiting professional Townsville escorts occasionally. 

Nowadays, this concept of chaste and pure romantic love is losing its value, giving way to passion in a more sexualized society with wide access to information. In fact, many people believe that in order to know if a couple works, they first have to see if they fit under the sheets.

How many kinds of love exist?

That’s why the butterflies or those bugs that people used to feel in their stomachs when they fell in love seem to have died. Although it is true that the heart still runs, just wanting to be with that person, can not stop talking about them and a hug or kiss from them would be able to remove any existing concerns from their heads.

That complicity and connection as well as physical, emotional and mental support and trust is what people are looking for and is so hard to find. Although many, after several disappointments, end up finding it in what they call, “girlfriend experience” offered by some of the luxury female escorts in Bradford advertising in Skokka.

The fact is, ‘love can do everything’, or ‘people can only be happy as a couple’ and other great myths that have been so popular throughout history, are not as true as they seem. 

It is true that it is a great feeling capable of unleashing and strengthening a myriad of emotions just as it can enhance an “idiot” out of anyone. 

So it is important to know the different types of love that exist in order to be able to identify them. Although if it is searched on the internet, people would find an infinite amount of definitions, because as it is a feeling, each person experiences it in a different way depending on how they are and the experiences they have had.

But in general, you can find several common ones:

-According to what or whom: family love, social love, deep-rooted love, personal love, vocational love…

-According to its characteristics: platonic love, romantic, toxic, crazy, blind, eros (passionate), Ludus (uncompromising), free, storge (committed), submissive, jealous…

While there’s life, there’s hope

So this feeling can present itself in different ways and intensities. There are some people who are not even aware of feeling it until later. Countless books, articles, blogs, films, songs and all kinds of arts have tried to express and define it, but it is impossible to come to an agreement. 

Yet, despite this, everyone ends up having a love experience of some kind. With more or less luck, feelings and emotions cannot be controlled and fortunately or unfortunately, the heart chooses who it falls in love with. 

And everyone needs someone to interact with, to share their worries, to lean on, to vent, to share likes and dislikes and connect with. Loneliness can be very hard and finding that special person who understands and supports every step of the way is important. Many even recommend establishing a kind of camaraderie with an exotic escort in Tauranga to be able to at least vent and relax while in search of true love.

Especially in today’s fast-moving times. And even more so when recent unexpected events have shown how important it is to be close to loved ones, to keep in touch and to enjoy life. 

And so it’s important to keep an open mind and be realistic because it is never possible to know what’s going to happen, when love is going to knock on the door, so the best option is to be prepared.

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