Why Flowers are the Best Choice for that Special Someone

Did you know that flowers can actually improve your health? Receiving flowers can actually trigger happy emotions, make you feel more satisfied, and affect your social behaviour in a positive way. And whether you’re giving them or receiving them, you’ll find that they’re an excellent way to show your appreciation, send your condolences, celebrate a baby or birthday, or simply make someone’s day.

Here are some excellent occasions that are perfect for a gift of flowers:

  • Your sister’s birthday
  • Your friend’s new baby
  • Mother’s day for your mum
  • Your friend after a breakup
  • Your boyfriend or girlfriend for Valentine’s Day
  • Your colleague who is expecting
  • Your friend who received a promotion
  • Your brother for graduating
  • And many more!


Of course, while flowers make a great gift for many different occasions, it’s important that you’re choosing the right type. If you were sending flowers for a funeral you would typically avoid bright sunflowers or “wildflowers” and instead go for some nice roses or something else relatively subdued.

While red roses are perfect for your significant other, they can be a little weird for your mum or best friend, and if you’re not sure about which type is best for which occasion, it’s best to ask your florist for some advice.

If you want to cheer someone up (and also improve your own day) ordering some flowers is an excellent way to do both of these things. Whether your significant other is a guy or a girl, you’ll find that flowers have come a long way and there are plenty of gender-  appropriate options available. If you’re buying them for a guy, you may find that he’s pretty pleased if he receives flowers- after all, why should ladies get all the fun?

While there are plenty of happy occasions where flowers are the best choice, unfortunately life is also full of tough times. If you know that someone has suffered a loss, it’s hard to know what to say, or what you should get them as a gift. Flowers can often do the talking for you, and you can also get a card to go with them to say a few appropriate words.


Our lives are now so busy that it’s easy to forget to take the time to appreciate the small thing, and while flowers will only last for a limited time, this is part of their beauty- they’re meant to be appreciated while they live.

Your florist can also give you some food for the flowers and some tips to help them last longer. Changing the water will help, and keeping them out of direct sunlight. Once you have a florist you know and trust, you can ask them for advice, get answers to those nagging questions about flowers, and make sure that the flowers you’re hoping to send are completely appropriate. You’ll also find that most florists are quite creative so they’ll be likely to have great suggestions for arrangements.


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