5 Essentials for Creating a Home Gym

Creating a home gym is a cost-effective option for anyone hoping to get fit or those training for a particular event without taking out a gym membership. It avoids waiting for particular pieces of equipment to be free before you can use them and means you can treat the place how you want.

Not everyone owns a mansion with enough space or financial backing to forge a gym like professional athletes may possess. However, whatever your circumstances, anyone can create a personal gym that suits all their fitness needs with these five essentials.



The first thing to consider will be where to install your home gym. Unused garages are a good place as the temperature is generally a lot cooler and less damage can be done to the floor. Not every home has one though, so a spare bedroom is usually the next best choice. Ensure there’s enough room for all the workouts you want to be doing. So don’t choose the small back bedroom if you intend to cram a lot of equipment in.


The type of equipment in your home gym will depend on who is going to use it and what your aims are. A barbell and plate set, bench and a rack for storage is good for weight training. Kettlebells and dumbbells are great for a quick workout with foam flooring to reduce damage. For cardio many rowing machines and treadmills can be easily folded up if space is an issue.



Atmosphere is vital to get you motivated and in the mood to push yourself. Light coloured walls, posters and mirrors can help achieve this but it is the lighting that provides the finishing touch. Again, a bright and clear atmosphere will give that boost. Find quality LED strip lights here.


Every gym needs some loud music pumping to really get your adrenaline pumping so you can lift that extra weight or complete another mile on the treadmill. Whether it’s drum and bass or heavy metal that gets you moving, install a decent sound system to blast it out.


Wherever you choose to create a home gym, during summer the heat is bound to rocket up. Get a couple of electric fans in there to keep you cool when the sweat is dripping to really help you complete those additional few reps. Just be sure to open the windows as well to release any unpleasant smells that may arise.

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