5 Unique ways of bringing light into your home

Dark and dingy are two words that every home-owner dreads, but there are more solutions available for a dimly-lit house than simply packing up and jumping ship! Check out these five unique suggestions for a lighter, brighter home.


Become a tree surgeon

Don’t just think about interiors when it comes to increasing the amount of light in your home. Figure out the reason why your home is dark, and then fix it. For example, if there are lots of trees outside blocking the suns rays, find out if you have permission to chop any of them back. There might not even be a need to actually cut them down; just taming the leaves and branches will help significantly.

Install coloured glass doors

Doors may go unnoticed in houses pretty often, but they shouldn’t be discounted as a potential light-sucker. They’re necessary, of course, to stop strangers wandering in, and for more general privacy within the home; we aren’t suggesting you rip the bathroom door out! But think of stained glass windows in churches. Doors too can be bought with this design in mind, and the glass doesn’t just have to be contained to a couple of panes across the top. The coloured glass gives privacy and distorts viewing inside the room or house, while letting the light in. Just imagine how beautiful it will look when the sun shines in!


Hide your light in plain sight.

Lights don’t have to be intrusive objects, and can actually be hidden in plain sight. Consider, for example, installing lights underneath mirrors or framed pictures on walls. Scotlight Direct have a wide range of lights ideal for this purpose. Not only will this light then enhance your wall decoration, the light will also spread to elsewhere in the home.

Become an exhibitionist

A bold way of bringing light into a home is to swap out your brick walls and replace them for glass ones. And don’t even think about adding curtains or blinds, or you’ll be undoing all of your hard work. Be bold, be brave and bask in an entire walls worth of light. You can then make the most of this light by knocking down any unnecessary internal walls and increase the distance your investment will stretch.


Buy a pet

If you don’t already have a pet, go and buy one, ideally a large dog, but a hefty cat will do the job too. Then train the pet to follow you around the house. Finally, attach a torch to its head* and you’ve got yourself a moveable light source. Just remember; batteries, not electricity. Mittens won’t get far if he’s tethered to the plug socket in the hall.

*no pets were harmed in the making of this article.

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