How to Prepare your Home and Wardrobe for Autumn

As the days become shorter and it gets a little chillier, you may be ready to do the opposite of a Spring Clean and get completely sorted for Autumn. With the cooler weather comes warmer clothes, so you’ll want to get organised and prepare both your home and wardrobe.

Here are some tips to make sure you’re ready for the cooler weather this year:


Have a clean out

Be sure to clean out any leaves and debris from your gutters and drainpipe to prevent them from getting clogged, especially if you live in an area with a lot of rain. This goes for your fireplace and chimney as well, although you’ll need to get a professional to clean your chimney and check the damper to prevent any drafts.

Check your heating

If you have central heating this means surveying your heating vents to make sure they’re not covered or blocked by curtains, carpeting or furniture, dust the vents and clean the filters. If you use gas heaters, be sure to check that the cords aren’t frayed and give them a good dust and clean as well.

Check for any drafts

You’d be surprised at how much money you can save by checking for drafts in your home. Examine doors and windows for cracks and seal them if possible or buy “caterpillars” to lie against the door.


Clean your pets

If your pets have been outside, now is the time to make sure that they’re nice and clean. Giving the a bath before the cooler weather hits is the best way to make sure they can get nice and dry and prevent them from getting cold and sick.

Have a throwout

Now is the time to go through your winter and fall clothes and check which items you wore last year. Anything that didn’t get worn should ideally be donated or given away. Check sweaters for pulls and holes, boots for scuffs and jackets for tears. Now is the time to do repairs, get items dry cleaned or decide if they’re a lost cause.

Stock up

Take a look at your staples and figure out if you need to do some shopping. If you need some new clothes, be sure to choose classic items that won’t date so you can use them for a few years. For items that you plan to invest in, stick to neutrals and dark colours, while cheaper clothes that will just last the season are great for adding a splash of colour.

Make some room

The trouble with autumn and winter clothes is that they tend to take up a lot of space and there’s a limit to how many summer and spring clothes that you will want go get rid of. Now is the time to look into your storage options, so consider a company like Fort Knox that can store you belongings while giving you 24/7 access to them, just in case you need to dig out some clothes for a vacation or special occasion.

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