Ways to brighten up your home

Having a dark home isn’t fun to live in at all. By adding in some brightness not only makes your home more inviting but it also lifts your mood. So if you don’t get much daylight in or your home needs a refresh then here some ideas to help brighten up your home.


Fill the house with natural light

Filling the house with as much natural light as possible is one of the best ways to brighten your home. Add in big windows if you can and open up your blinds. Or for a room that doesn’t get much natural light from the side then install some skylights with Roofmasters. Adding in skylights means you can have natural light throughout the home no matter where the sun is. Also use light coloured window coverings to keep the room bright.

Add in fresh flowers, plants and herbs

Every home feels bright when it’s filled with beautiful fresh flowers, pot plants and fresh herbs. If a room doesn’t get much natural sunlight then there are great plants you get buy that require very minimal light at all. Use different flowers depending on your mood, room or colour scheme. Also don’t forget to some fresh herbs for your kitchen windowsill. Not only does it look great, but it also adds some great flavor to your dishes.


Use light colours for the walls, ceiling and furniture

If your house is naturally dark, then using dark coloured paint isn’t ideal. Find some light neutral colours to paint the walls and ceiling with. If you want dark colours, then add a splash of them in your décor. Light coloured furniture will also help brighten the house and make the room feel bigger.

Use mirrors to reflect natural light

Using mirrors is a great way to add in instant brightness. Have a mirror facing the window and it will reflect out more natural light, then the window alone. It also helps create space in a room making it feel a lot bigger.


Spring-clean on a regular basis

Nothing is worse then a cluttered filled house that is dirty. An instant way to refresh your home, is do a spring clean. Get rid of everything you don’t need and give the house a big thorough clean. Do this regularly as you’ll be surprised at how much stuff quickly accumulates in the home, cluttering it up once more.





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