Which Vinyl Flooring Gets The Best Feedback?

If you were to take a poll and pull in the results from asking 100 people which flooring manufacturers they know of, Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring will be amongst the first mentioned in the highest percentage of the vote.

It takes a lot to win that kind of notoriety, and the reason Luvanto has it is quite simple – it is a cheaper alternative and yet stronger in so many areas to the real deal. That comes from decades of satisfaction to be able to claim the top consideration in flooring so Luvanto must be doing something right.

Who is Luvanto?

Luvanto is a luxury vinyl flooring tile manufacturer (known as LVT from this point onwards). It’s not just limited to various types of wood-effect tiles as you can choose between stone, marble, ceramic, and other specialist designs on the market.

Whilst real hardwood and stone can be quite pricey to fit out a full room, cumbersome and uncomfortable underfoot, and generally always needing specialist treatments to keep them looking good, vinyl flooring tiles provide comfort underfoot, are easy to install and maintain and above all else save a considerable amount on your home budget.

Is it a Hard Product to Stay in Good Condition?

Having real woods within your home to impress neighbours and friends may fill you with a sense of short-term pride, but you are the only one to know the difference when it comes to vinyl.

Think all year round when the weather gets colder, wetter and there is even more risk of trampling in stuff you don’t want staining your floor. Suddenly that short-term pride turns into constant concern, requiring anyone coming in to take off their shoes and on their hands and knees scrubbing the dirt away for hours on end.

Realistically you want to be able to perform a simple quick brush and a mop and it’s like nothing even happened. Well, that is what life is like with luxury vinyl flooring from Luvanto.

Rolling in Quality

Luvanto is not just considered the cheaper option, with its strong and durable qualities guaranteed to appeal thanks to its heat-compressed layers – or just because it’s the easiest option to keep clean due to its many scratch and moisture resistance qualities at work.

Luvanto is a product with the little things in mind that make all the difference. The amazing design incorporates layers to absorb sound and present a quiet atmosphere. If you love quiet then it’s just the perfect product. Not only that it is designed to give a warm and comfy underfoot feel, so those colder nights won’t give you the chills – Quite the opposite if you provide the perfect marriage of underfloor heating.

Then there is the warranty that lasts over two decades. Can you think of anything else that offers a quarter of your overall life in a guarantee? When people are giving the name of Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring as the top flooring brand on the market, there is plenty of reasons why it ranks so high.

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