4 Best Cars of 2014

Roaring and angry, the cars of 2014 have impressed us with many new features – and with many older features we can’t get enough of. This year is not yet done, but it is steadily approaching the big bridge that leads to 2015 (and to new and exciting car models as well). We can safely say that it has been a generous year for every gear-loving man and woman out there – but which are the very best, la crème de la crème of the 2014 car-manufacturing industry? Which are the top 4 cars we all loved this year?

Read on and find out more.


Audi A6

Well, this is the kind of car that will probably make you want to cry because it is truly, truly marvelous from so many points of view! Its design will bring tears of joy to your eyes, but so will everything else about its engineering. The Germans at Audi know very well that they do everything perfectly and this car is just the epitome of what car-perfection looks like. Amazing new features such as the writing touchpad (which will actually discern your scribbles and Google the destination you need) and many other new “skills” will add up to the amazing performance, gorgeous looks and overall perfection of this car. Prices do start at around $56,000 – but for that money you are not just getting any car, you are getting the sublime and epitome of the car-making industry in 2014.


Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

If sports cars are what you are into, this car will definitely amaze you. Everything about this car is roaring, from its marvelous design to its tires and steering system. You will feel great driving this car precisely because it gives you the real feeling of control and beauty at the same time. Perfectly engineered, this is the kind of car you’ll simply love with all your heart.


Honda Accord

As a perfect blend between the traditionally American love of cars and the traditionally Japanese love of perfection in engineering, Honda Accord’s name is absolutely perfect. Yes, this car is balanced from all points of view: the looks, the performance, the feeling it gives you. Considering the fact that it falls into the rather affordable group of cars (with prices starting at around $35,000), you can definitely say with all your heart that this car is one of the best 2014 has brought to us.


Volkswagen Golf GTI

We’ve had another German car on our list, but this one falls into an entirely different section: the affordable car. Mentioned as one of the best cars of the year on many tops, this Golf is a winner from all points of view. You can get your hands on the 200 hp turbocharged 2.0 liters its offers and on the perfect comfort it comes with for a more than fair price that starts at around $21,000  (or about $26,000 for the TDI version). Whichever you choose though, rest assured that you will be more than happy with the performance and looks you get for the money.


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