Apple iPhone 6 Review

Much rumored (and much awaited as well) Apple’s iPhone 6 is finally here and it got us all excited. As some previous rumors had it, Apple released two phones: the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. Both of them have the main same features, but the main difference is that the first comes with a screen measuring 6.9 mm and the second comes with a slightly larger screen measuring 7.1 mm. Both of the phones are available starting September 19th, but you are already able to pre-order them if you are eager to lay your hands on the new toys.


The Screen

Aside from the obvious growth of the new iPhone, its screen is also sapphire-protected (although rumors had it that it would be ion-strengthened) and that means that there’s less chance your precious one gets scratched. Furthermore, the resolution has been pushed further to 1134 X 750 and the general appeal of the colors is absolutely beautiful (but we have already gotten used to that, right?).

The Camera

The camera of the new iPhones has also been improved a lot. For starters, it will give you sharper autofocus, which was an issue with the previous models. Also, you have the option of shooting 240p slow-motion videos and shooting in 1080p at 60fps. Other improvements include the fact that the new iPhone’s camera offers much better noise reduction and tone mapping as well.


Under the Hood

iPhone 6’s new processor is quite impressive as well. Unlike its previous model (the A7), the new A8 is able to pack much more graphical quality – but we are still not very certain if this will actually translate in anything noticeable when it comes to iOS games. Plus, the M8 co-processor offers a track evaluation feature – extremely useful when you want to count how many stairs you have climbed (and yes, the new iPhone will distinguish between cycling and walking as well).

Apple Pay

The days of credit cards (and not to mention cash!) are approaching their very abrupt end. The new iPhone will be able to help you make payments with nothing else than…the phone itself! At “fault” is the new Apple Pay feature which works with MasterCard, Visa and American Express and encrypts your Touch ID fingerprint to enable you to pay contactless with your phone. Judging by this kind of “skills” more and more devices will come with in the future, we can safely assume that we are not very far from the Jetsons Family lifestyle.


Battery Life

If there is one thing we all hate when it comes to smartphones in general is that their battery does not have a very long life. Apple is on its way to remedying that because the new iPhone 6 will allow you to have your phone on standby for no less than 250 hours, to browse the Internet on Wi-Fi for 11 hours, to play music for no less than 80 hours and to play HD videos for about 14 hours. Considering the previous models, this is quite impressive as well!

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