Best Anti-Theft Protection For Your Phone

Chances are that your smartphone is one of the most important devices that you have. It is your link to the outside world, connecting you to other people and services like banking, mobile payments, and plenty of other apps that you have installed on the device. As such, if you ever lost your phone, it could be dangerous. Not only would you lose all of the information on your phone, but thieves and hackers could potentially get access to your sensitive data and use it for their own nefarious purposes. Fortunately, there are several ways that you can protect your phone, including AVG anti-theft protection.

Password Protection

Most newer phones these days allow you to encrypt them with either a numerical password or a swiping motion that enables you to keep unwary eyes off of your device. If you don’t currently have this feature activated on your phone, you should do so immediately. This will ensure that hackers won’t be able to get into the device, even if they steal it from you.


Phone Tracking

When it comes to Android security, one thing that you can do is install software that tracks where your phone is. iPhones have this feature built in, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have the same service with your Android device. This is particularly useful if you accidentally leave your phone somewhere and want to retrieve it.

Remote Locking

Finally, your last line of defense is to lock your phone remotely if someone does steal it or tries to access your information. There are a couple of Google Play antivirus apps that do this, but none are as good as AVG. It will allow you to shut it down quickly and effectively so that as soon as you know that your phone is missing or stolen, you can take action.

Hopefully, you will be able to keep your phone on you at all times, but we understand that things happen that are sometimes out of your control. Thus, follow these steps, and you can mitigate disaster when it happens.

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