Carful Considerations: 6 Things to Think About When Buying a New Automobile

A new car is one of life’s simple yet hugely expensive joys.

Compared to a sunny afternoon or a good book, cars are infinitely more expensive. With that said, they are also much more capable and much more adaptable. Websites such as Cars and Co are on the rise for supplying people with their new cars via the internet, and this is one of the hallmarks of the greatness of the modern world.

A new car can also be a very expensive lesson to learn if the wrong new car is purchased, so we have rustled up a list of 6 things to think about when buying a new automobile, in the hopes that you can use them to avoid learning a very, very expensive lesson.


First up on the chopping block is reliability.

How reliable a car is will always be directly linked to how often you’ll be pulled over by the side of the road waiting for roadside assistance for a broken down car, and to most people that’s fairly important. Usually online reviews of a vehicle can tell you it’s reliability, and any brand known for breakdowns will be well known for exactly that when you are researching your new ride.



How practical is your car?

This may seem like a straightforward question, but it might need some explaining. If you live in the country on a dirt road full of potholes, and you buy a lowriding luxury sedan, that might not be a workable car for your situation. The same goes for a high-powered off-road vehicle with off-road tyres and a snorkel, if you live in the suburbs and have never been off-road in your entire life. Find the car that’s right for your situation, and you’ll find it more useful in a lot more scenarios.


Cost is the big one on this list.

Cost is at the forefront of every car buyer’s mind when looking for a new car, because that is such a huge part of buying a car that only the most obscenely wealthy among us can afford to avoid checking the price. The total cost should be one tenth of your annual salary. This ensures you’re not bankrupting yourself in chasing a dream car, but you’re also not settling for a 20 year-old lemon vehicle.

Brand History

The brand history is the known history of the brand of car you’re buying.

Subaru, for instance, is known for being reliable as a car. Their cars tend to be reliable, tend to not break down much, and the rare exceptions aren’t expensive to fix. Looking at the history of the brand of your chosen vehicle can give you an idea of what to expect.


A matte black ferrari with black interior and leather seats might look like the best thing you’ve ever seen, within your price range, and workable for you, but come summertime the heat that that car draws in will burn your skin after 5 minutes in a parking lot, and you’ll freeze in winter. It might sound like a silly point to stick on, but comfort in cars is important, and dreading getting back to your scorching hot or freezing cold car can put a dampener on things.

Resale Value

Finally, resale value plays a big role in the end-game of a car.

Almost every car you buy will one day be resold, either for parts or as a functioning vehicle, and the resale value is important to you when buying because you want to make as much as possible on it. All cars lose value, but some lose more than others. This might be a minor thought in the back of your head, but if you’re looking at a car brand that loses a lot of value like Maserati, you’ll want to keep it in mind.

With these tips in mind, enjoying buying your new car, safe in the knowledge that you’ve made a calculated and correct decision.

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