How to Best Design Your Website for Your New Business

A well designed website can be a critical asset for new businesses and startups seeking to establish themselves within today’s competitive marketplace. The right website can attract new business opportunities, provide product and service information and allow customers to make retail purchases online. Websites often serve as the public face of a business, and need to be as attractive and professional as possible to provide visitors with a positive initial impression.

Deciding the Purpose of Your Website

The first step to creating an effective website is to determine its purpose. Websites that are intended solely to facilitate online transactions may be considerably different from those used as part of an online marketing or advertising campaign. While a properly designed website may be used in more than one way, those that have been created without a clear sense of purpose are less likely to benefit from an effective design. When it comes to designing a website for your new business, determining the focus and purpose in advance is often the best way to get started.


Concise and Streamlined Designs Ensure Easier Navigation

Layouts that are muddled, confusing or even just unattractive can create serious problems. Visitors who do not like the look and layout as well as those who are unable to find the information and options they seek may be more likely to visit a competitor’s website. Straightforward layouts that are designed to ensure all visitors are able to quickly and easily find what they seek should never be a concern that is left to chance. Electing to make ease of navigation a top priority can ensure that websites are able to provide potential customers and prospective clients with a more enjoyable browsing experience.

For new businesses that have already established an existing website, updating the layout and design can often be very beneficial. The opportunity to transfer your website to a new format, rather than creating a new site entirely, may allow you to update the format without having to create all-new content. Existing sites that are poorly designed may be a real liability, one that may be doing little more than frustrating visitors and providing a poor initial impression for potential customers. Importing existing content to an updated format can have many benefits for businesses that are currently maintaining a poorly designed website.

The Importance of Timely and Topical Content

Using content that is stale, dated or no longer relevant is another problem that new businesses should seek to avoid when creating their website. Even content that is only a few weeks out of date may cast your business in a poor light. Using evergreen content or posting regular updates can be especially important for businesses in fast-paced industries. For many visitors, websites hosting outdated content are often seen as a red flag in terms of deciding which organization they wish to do business with.


Website Design and Digital Marketing

A well-crafted and professionally-designed website often plays a crucial role in any online marketing or digital advertising effort. The latest Internet-based advertising methods like search engine optimization, social-media marketing and even conventional online marketing tools like mass emailing are all designed to improve visibility and increase site traffic. Investing time and effort on a digital advertising campaign can be of little real benefit for organizations that have a second-rate website.

Mobile-Site Optimization

The growing sophistication and falling cost of tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices is changing the way people do business. Mobile-friendly websites that ensure all visitors are provided with the best browsing experience possible are no longer an asset that new businesses can afford to overlook. Mobile website optimization ensures that both existing and future customers will be able to browse your site using a smartphone or tablet more easily and conveniently.

Businesses that are already maintaining a conventional website that lacks mobile support would be wise to take action. The time and effort needed to transfer your website to a mobile-friendly format or platform can be well worth it. With the volume of site-traffic utilizing mobile devices to do their browsing continuing to grow, businesses that continue to overlook the importance of mobile website optimization will find themselves faced with greater and greater disadvantages.


Creating the Website That Best Suits the Needs of Your Business

While concise, easy to navigate and mobile-friendly websites can be a real asset for any business, there is always room for a little creativity. Selecting a layout or design better suited to the style, mission-statement or image of your business can allow you to promote greater brand recognition or distance yourself from the competition. As long as new businesses adhere to a few of the most important tenants of website creation, creating a site that stands out and makes a more lasting impression on visitors can often be very beneficial.

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