New to American Horror Story? Catch-up now!

The highly anticipated 6th Season of the cult US TV show American Horror Story (AHS) has hit our screens both in the UK and the US, with the first episode already having fans salivating at the mouth, with a switch-up in format. Social media has been ablaze with chatter especially considering, they didn’t release the name of the season until it actually started (never done that before).

This season is called My Roanoke Nightmare and it seems to be filmed like a documentary, with re-enactments and claims of “inspired by true events”. It seems to certainly keep up on our toes and gagging for the next episode, especially for the rest of the cast to start featuring and more great cameos (Chaz Bono).

If you have not seen the previous series, don’t worry too much, there isn’t a continuation of a story. There are crossover characters and some stories, but it won’t affect viewing if you have not seen the previous 5 series. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t watch them! So head over to Netflix or Amazon and get caught up now, it’s perfect for binge watching.

If you don’t have the time for a full 5 season binge watch, then you should check out this cool infographic from My Voucher Codes. They have produced an overview of the seasons, stories and characters as well as some fun facts, but don’t worry there are no spoilers!

History of AHS

As you can see much of the cast stay the same throughout each season, sometimes playing different characters and confusingly also sometimes play the same one across other seasons. You’ll also probably notice that some characters also seem familiar, that’s because some are based on real life people and played as other characters in the show or in the case of Hotel for example with the famous serial killers, as themselves. For a bit more background on the stories of each season check out this post and enjoy.


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