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There’s nothing better than being at a game to watch events unfold. Everything from the roar of the crowd to the taste of stadium food contributes to the feeling of being involved in the action. Unfortunately, especially if you’re a serious sports fan, it isn’t possible to be at every game for each of your favorite teams.

While getting firsthand experience of sporting events is obviously preferable, the next best thing is knowing what’s happening as soon as possible. The new sports app from CBS puts information on hundreds of games at your fingertips by allowing you to get updates on everything from racing to football. Get notifications sent directly to your phone the second the action happens and be the first of your friends to know about scores, outcomes and big plays.


Wide Focus

It’s an age of multitasking, and almost everybody has a couple hobbies or side projects. People work hard, and their apps should do the same. The new CBS sports app is the best sports mobile option out there to keep you informed. It has a multitude of features, including brackets and fantasy options. Not only that, you can get up to the minute reports on every major sport’s biggest leagues, including MLS Soccer, Golf, NHL Hockey, NASCAR, Tennis, MLB Baseball, NCAA and NBA Basketball.

Never Miss a Play

The new top sports news app gives you an unprecedented ability to stay up to date on all the latest news. Customize which teams you want to follow and what info you want: the app will do the rest. Whether you’re working, sleeping or on a date, a comprehensive breakdown of the game will be waiting for you when you’re done. If you have some time to spare, you can even listen to live radio broadcasts, including the Jim Rose show.

Constant contact with the latest news and best commentary make it a little less disappointing when you can’t make it to a game. Don’t just sit there wishing you were at the stadium. You’re only one free download away from the latest sports news and updates out there.

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