Staying safe on the roads

Road safety is drilled into us from a young age but no matter how safe a driver you are if there’s something wrong with your vehicle then you could be one gear change away from disaster.

Sometimes the worst does happen and you find yourself on the hunt for road accident solicitors to help get you out of a sticky situation but there are some checks and habits that you can undertake before you get behind the wheel to hopefully avoid an accident.


Check your tyres for cracks and make sure they have enough tread. Keep them pumped up and change them semi-regularly.



Giving your lights a regular clean can make the world of difference to their quality. Make sure you keep an eye out for cracks in the lenses and bulbs as well!


Don’t wait for your warning light to alert you to an oil shortage! You’d be surprised how much oil your car can use up in just a singular journey so keeping on top of it should prevent you running out at the most inconvenient of times.


Always make sure you have plenty of windscreen washer fluid and ensure your car’s coolant levels stay topped up.

Your car could be in perfect working order but if you aren’t feeling 100% then don’t get behind the wheel! If you’re feeling ill, sleepy or you’re preoccupied then your reactions and judgments may not be up to scratch…don’t risk it!

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