The benefits of being self-employed

If you’re considering becoming self-employed but you’re not sure if this is the right move for you, keep reading. Here, we take a look at a few of the main benefits associated with being your own boss

It gives you the chance to take control of your career

It’s true that for some people, there’s no substitute for the security that comes from being an employee. However, for those who want real control over their careers, self-employment can be a better option. When you work for yourself, you’re not reliant on managers to give you promotion opportunities and you can choose the roles you take and the projects you work on. So, if you’re highly motivated and ambitious, you may find you’re able to progress much faster on your own terms than if you were trying to work your way up the ranks as an employee within a particular organisation.


The self-employed brand ambassadors in the Appco network are a good example. The company strives to give entrepreneurial individuals flexible opportunities and the chance to define their personal career paths. Appco’s model allows brand ambassadors to determine their level of effort and commitment and to take control of their incomes and progress.

You can strike a better work-life balance

Many people find it difficult to strike a healthy work-life balance. They might spend long hours at their desks and have too little time to be with their families, or they may have to endure lengthy commutes to and from work that cut into their leisure time. Being self-employed gives people more power to determine when and where they work, and this can enable them to achieve a better balance. In turn, this can help them to control their stress levels and mean they feel generally happier and more contented with their work situations.


You get the satisfaction of working for yourself

Self-employment can also be hugely satisfying. Rather than being a small cog in a big wheel, it provides you with the chance to excel on your own and to follow your personal passions. In short, instead of working for someone else, you get to be your own boss. For this reason, your achievements will more clearly be your own and you’ll get to take the full credit for your efforts. This can be a great feeling and it might serve as a major motivating force in your daily working life.




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