The incredible growth of the gaming industry

Few industries have made such a marked impression on the 21st century as the gaming industry. In just a handfuls of years we’ve seen gaming transformed from pixellated platform games on consoles quickly evolving into a multi-billion dollar industry that’s capable of simulating a range of activities ranging from real-life adventures to simple casino games on a variety of devices like mobile phones and virtual reality headsets.

So here’s a few of the key reasons why video gaming became such a world beater, and why it’s yet another example of how technology is moving at a mindblowing pace.


Technological dexterity

One look at any of the current range of next-gen titles instantly reveals how far we’ve come. Whether it’s being a crime baron in Grand Theft Auto V or tackling a civilisation-destroying pandemic in Tom Clancy’s The Division, the sheer storytelling abilities and graphical prowess of 21st century gaming is simply staggering.

And as technologies have advanced, it seems our gaming options have become infinite with this summer’s No Man’s Sky gaining an incredible amount of hype due to its procedurally generated universe capable of providing millions of years’ gaming.

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Endless choice

It’s not just the quality of gaming that’s overpowering, but the sheer range of gaming options has also proved to be world-beating. Whether it’s living in an alternate reality with The Sims, becoming a sporting great with FIFA 16, or even just winning at a virtual casino thanks to the slots at, it’s clear that there is no niche market left untouched in the all-conquering world of 21st century gaming.


Convenience matters

A big part of why gaming has really taken off is thanks to the mobile revolution which has allowed all of us to have a small gaming platform in our pockets. And already it seems that mobile gaming has overtaken traditional console and PC gaming thanks to simple puzzle games like Color Switch joining the likes of online slots as a great way for people to quickly and enjoyably game on the go.


Immersive futures

But all of this pales in comparison with the incredible innovations that have been seen in the virtual reality world with high-profile devices like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive all providing us with a zero-latency way to experience exciting new virtual worlds. So whether it’s a terrifying horror title like Dreadhalls or just a quick online slots game, our gaming futures are all set to become much more immersive!


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