The Influence of Technology on the Gaming Industry

Even before the birth of personal computers, there are games already made available to gamers using a particular device for entertainment called a rocket simulator, which is the big thing before the personal computer era. However, it is highly noticeable that the gaming industry developed games according to the newly discovered and created devices. Despite its ups and downs, the gaming industry continues to cope up with technology.

Electronic Games

Before computer days, games are based on analog elements and they are popularly known to people as analog electronic games. Made up of a cathode ray tube, an oscilloscope, and some elements for the control, the first rocket simulator was born in 1947. Since then, game developers are inspired to create video games, and Spacewar! and Computer Space are created.

Arcade Games

Up until today, arcade games are popular.You can see them inside the entertainment area of the mall, in some stand-alone gaming zones, in clubs, bars, and even in brick and mortar casinos. Arcade games you see in online casinos like what have are inspired from here. These games had been created before the computer era. They have a huge body or case with displays that are fixed.

These machines got control panels and a coin slot where you insert if you want to play. Inside the bulky arcade machine are wires and circuit boards that serve as the game’s heart and mind or what we call as the hardware. These arcade machines are flashy in appearance as they are wrapped or decorated according to the game content they can offer. An arcade machine can be standing vertical or horizontal. Its simulators are similar to that of inside a place or a car especially if you are playing car racing games.

Overtime, arcade games lost their stardom and eventually profitability with the birth of PC games. Because of it, arcade owners lost profits and just rely on games that require specially designed equipment like the racing games that need steering wheels and pedals to play or the shooting games that needs a gun, and the growing popularity of dancing games that requires a dance pad.

Game Consoles

In the 1970s, game consoles are born and up to this date, they gain popularity among gamers of kids and adults alike. Consoles come in various generations and today’s modern consoles that gamers enjoy are already the 8th generation.

In the past, Magnavox Odyssey is the known at-home game console. Today, the popular in the market include Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo. Earlier games for consoles are stored in physical storage tools like a magnet or optical deviceslike discs and memory cards. However today, manufacturers started to transition from physical storage to online and some few Blu-ray discs.

With the growth of mobile users, game developers started to take advantage of it and developed mobile games transforming smartphones that were then a regular phone into a top-performing game console. There are even phone accessories today that are designed to let gamers make their phone into a fully functional game console. These accessories include joysticks or mini gamepads.

The Birth of Computers

The birth of personal computers gives way for game developers to develop games that are destined for use on computers.It all begun when Apple presented the first personal computer in the whole world called Apple II. Apple II was popular in both personal and office use.

Later in the 90s, the popularity and even demand for computer games surges. Today, players enjoy computer games through their Windows or OS X computer systems.

3D Games

The evolution of games does not end with them developed for personal computers. Because the then two-dimensional computer games can now be enjoyed on three-dimensional or 3D graphics.

In games with three-dimensional graphics, players can experience realism because characters, items, and locations are more realistic and natural to look at. These types of gamesare now the favorite of gamers.

Internet Era

Even though there are already popular computer games, the birth of the internet has triggered the birth of multiplayer online games. The moment a home has a fast internet connection, household members already have the chance to play online games playing with thousands of other players worldwide. These types of games include World of Warcraft or World of Tanks. Today’s players are into Roblox or Minecraft and played with players from all corners of the world.

Online Games

If the classic computer games need to be downloaded first before playing, online games say goodbye to this step. Online game developers allow their users to play the game by simply visiting the website. This is also true with online gambling sites. If you happen to visit, they have a huge list of online bingo casino sites that allow players to play by just visiting the website.

Today, VR games, AI, and blockchain games are starting to affect the gaming industry.

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