What is mobile gambling addiction?

The definition

Mobile gambling addiction – is a negative issue, that is expressed in often or regularly repeating gambling that dominates person’s way of life and leads to the loss of social, professional, and financial values and responsibilities.

It is no secret that mobile phones do really influence on addiction to gambling. Furthermore, this same addiction is very considerable. As a new research provided by Irish scientists has demonstrated – mobile phones only make the situation worse and have a negative influence on gambling. This social research called “The influence of gambling on people and consequently society” was held in a Dublin University. Scientists were talking to 22 players in different stages of recovery from gambling addiction. Apart from participants (players), their family members were questioned too.

As a result of this hard and long work, 4 main types of gambling addiction were defined. They are:

  • social;
  • problematic;
  • pathologic;
  • progressive;

In a research, scientists claim that problems with gambling addiction come from teenage years. Children from 9 years old and older – are the most vulnerable category for development of a basic gambling addiction stage. Current generation can easily make bets using their phones and parents wouldn’t even know about it.


Who is at the biggest risk?

The main risk group consists of men, who live alone and who are about 30 years old. As it was mentioned above, very often, they become addicted to gambling since teenage years. Whereas for women, everything is different – middle age of life is the most dangerous. This sphere is also very attractive for people, who are at risk of committing a suicide, who have a lot of debts, and who have already done illegal things e.g. stealing money for gambling. The third part of these people usually suffers from other additional problems, for instance, alcohol, drugs, etc.

Consequences of gambling addiction

As a consequence of gambling, all spheres of life are simply ruined. In the end, there are a minor possibilities for regulating person’s behaviour. Therefore, progressive social isolation is unavoidable. There appear feelings of guilt and shame, since the fact of being addicted is very often hidden. This has never led to something positive, but to bankruptcy, loss of a family, friends, and professional career. Speaking of physical consequences, there can be psychosomatic disorders that include: a headache, heart attack, etc.

Current situation and recommendations

Usually, gambling addiction starts from a minimum bet on http://casinointheuk.com/free-spins-slots/ or other sites betting only a couple of dollars and might rise to thousands. The problem of gambling addiction is known all over the world since players are basically everywhere. Therefore, absolutely every country has this issue, not only among children but also among adults. As a way out of this situation, scientists recommend providing an educational program that would prevent gambling addiction. Of course, in many developed countries, such program already exists, yet, nevertheless, additional investments in this industry are necessary to help thousands of people suffering from this problem.

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