What will we be watching this Christmas?

You might assume that watching TV isn’t something that most of us will do over the Christmas holidays, since we’ll be too busy celebrating with family and friends, however My Voucher Codes has revealed the opposite.

On Christmas day, most people still like to watch their favourite shows, with the money saving and voucher code website looking at the viewing figures over the past 5 years to reveal what it is that the nation will be watching at Christmas.

For most channels, family favourites like Downton Abbey, Doctor Who and Dad’s Army are topping the charts, and soaps also rank higher over Christmas week, with Coronation Street and EastEnders also reaching top spots.

My Voucher Codes tracked the TV programmes that are the most watched over the Christmas period, revealing what it is that we love to watch the most at Christmas.


Last year, the most popular show was Mrs Browns Boys, followed by Call the Midwife and Stick Man. Downton Abbey came in next, and was followed by Coronation Street and Emmerdale. next, Masterchef the professionals is popular, and this was followed by We’re Doomed The Dads Army Story and Gogglesprogs.

There are also some Christmas Soap Plots that have been the favourites over the years, including Eastenders in 2004 when Barry Evans fell off a cliff, and Coronation Street in 2010 when a tram crash killed Ashley Peacock and other important characters such as Peter Barlow ended up fighting for their lives.

Other popular plots? In 2003, a freak storm collapsed the pub on Emmerdale, and Tricia Dingle was killed. And it seems like character deaths are a popular way to get more viewers, with Hollyoaks killing off India Longford with a brutal murder after she was online dating.

When asked about this research, Chris Reilly, My Voucher Codes’ Managing Director said that soaps come in first each week without fail, with TV viewing figures on ITV and BBC1, and over Christmas they’re generally squeezed out of the top spots, as many people are after TV specials and other festive viewing. While Christmas is a top time of the year for soap plots that are more on the dramatic side, people sometimes want an option that’s a little less depressing. While soaps will pull out all of the stops, these stories are very rarely happy.

Mr Reily also said that Classic TV shows will usually make a comeback at Christmas time, and the viewing figures show that they’re still very popular. Still Open All Hours is a new show which follows on from the original called Open All Hours, and this took the top spot on BBC1 in 2013 after Open All Hours did the same on BBC2 in 2012. This shows that people sometimes simply can’t resist the classics at Christmas time.

If you’re planning some time with your friends and family over Christmas, don’t feel bad about planning to catch up on your favourite TV shows, as many Brits will be doing the exact same thing.


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