Wide Variety of Classis Cars from Across the World

The rapidly increasing automobile technology has seen several advancements in the industry. You may come across the latest driverless innovation, luxury features inclusive of heated seats & surround sound along with state of the art self-parking vehicles. Nonetheless, the pleasure of driving vintage vehicles has been second to none. The older designs encompassed flowing lines, curves and an entirely different drive. Acorn Stairlifts takes pride in providing you with a close experience of classic cars from across the world.


Mini from Britain

Unlike the name suggests the Mini would easily accommodate four people in it. The car would offer enough legroom for the people and the luggage. The smaller boot accounts for adequate legroom for the passenger and luggage space as well. The price range would range from £5000 to £500000 based on model, condition and age.

Fiat 500 from Italy

The car comes in the affordable market price. The cheap market price of the car should not make you think on the quality appearance and performance of the car. The Fiat 500 or the Topolino was a rage in the world, as the Vespa, which was another classic from Italy. The car ranges from £4,000 to £50,000 based on the condition, age and model.

Volkwagen Beetle from Germany

The car has been designed giving preference to mind over aesthetics. The major features of the car would entail special features such as the split rear window design. The car also accommodated four adults easily along with adequate space for luggage beneath the seat and the boot. It ranged from £1,000 to £40,000 based on model, age and condition.

Ford Mustang from America

The major aim of Ford Mustang manufacturers was to create a sport coupe silhouette. The car is like no other when it comes to performance along with affordability. The price of the car ranges from £6,500 to £70,000 based on age, model and condition.

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