3 Steps to a Hassle-Free Camping Trip

Whether this is the first camping trip you’ve undertaken or you spend each weekend sleeping under the stars, you probably understand that it can be an ordeal when things don’t run smoothly. The easiest way to avoid the stressful side of camping is to be prepared. Below are three simple yet effective steps to ensure a hassle-free camping trip.


1. Plan Before You Pack

It’s not enough to start throwing things in the back of the car on Friday afternoon. If you do so, you’ll end up in the middle of nowhere low on food, fuel and patience. So in the week before you leave, plan for your trip. Check out the weather, stock up on non-perishable food, and – most importantly – work out how everything is going to fit in your vehicle.

For those with a tray, ute canopies are a great idea when packing for a camping trip. They are full of great nooks and crannies for storage, it’s easier to access items than sorting through a full tray, and – best of all – they are secure. Check out a website like XL.com.au for a full range of options. Once you’ve planned a place for everything, it will be easier and faster to actually pack. If you have a canopy, you might even be able to pack a few things early!


2. Do Your Research

If you’ve never been camping, or you’re going to a new area, do some research before you arrive. Ask your mates, call the area, or do a search online for other campers’ suggestions. For example, you might need to know that there is no electricity or hot water available within 30 minutes’ drive from the venue, that open fires aren’t allowed, or that between 5 and 8pm each Saturday there is a very loud and obnoxious bagpipe orchestra rehearsal onsite. Whatever the quirks may be, you will thwart a lot of hassle by being aware before you arrive. This will also help you with your packing, as you will know if you need to carry extra fuel or a little gas cooker.


3. Don’t Set up Your Camp for Perfect Conditions

Simply put, set up your tent in a way so that it won’t trip you over or be difficult to locate when coming back from a hike. Check out your surroundings to make sure you won’t walk into a tree branch or roll your ankle in a small ditch at the entrance to your tent. Put visibility panels or reflectors on the rope so they’re easy to see, and attach a longer cord on your tent’s zip so it’s much easier to find. These little tips will reduce the likelihood of camping-related frustrations, making your whole experience far more enjoyable.

These three easy steps can make a big impact on your camping experience, but there are plenty of other things you can do to reduce hassles. What is the best piece of camping-related advice you have ever received or learnt the hard way? Share your knowledge in the comments below.

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