Beat airport stress: try these tips

Stress, tension and higher blood pressure than someone in the throes of cardiac arrest – you’re in the airport again, and it isn’t a pleasant experience.

Indeed, many people see visits to the airport as more stressful than moving house, and it’s easy to see why.

You’re not sure if you’ll find your bags at the end of your flight, your eyeballed like a terrorist by security officials, your luggage is manhandled like finger foods at a children’s birthday party and your wait in the departure lounge feels longer than purgatory.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Make the right preparations and you could even turn your airport visit from stress-laden to uber-relaxing. Here are just a few things that you can do.


Parking sorted

Attempting to find a parking spot in an airport is like trying to kick water uphill. Seriously, have you tried it? You’ll potentially drive around for ages searching for somewhere near your terminal, witnessing rows of cars that got there before you.

However, larger airports will invariably operate services to help with parking. Edinburgh short stay parking, for instance, is available at Edinburgh Airport to help the discerning driver find a parking space fast.

Essentially you’ll drive to their parking area, stop in your reserved spot and be transported in a shuttle to your terminal. Can you think of a more effective stress reliever?


Very important lounging

Are you sick of dying a slow death in departure lounges with all the character of a blank space? Then despair no more – VIP departure lounges are available in a variety of airports, and they don’t have to cots you an arm and a leg.

In a VIP departure lounge you’ll be treated to luxury features like Wi-Fi, complementary beverages, a bar, activities for the kids, newspapers, widescreen tellies and even games consoles. You’ll be able wait in style and take your mind off your impending journey – perfect for any nervous flyers.


Surrounding areas

You do realise you’re not trapped in the airport? Around many flight hubs there are acres of beautiful countryside, sleepy villages and vantage points to sit and watch planes coming and going.

Take advantage of your surroundings before you check-in. The countryside air will clear your mind of worries and you could even happen upon a tourist hotspot of some form. More than this, it’s the perfect way to start your holiday early.

So why not prepare a picnic basket and hang out in some grassy outcrop before your flight? You’ll feel far less stressed and have a truly chilled flight.

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