Car Rental in Miami

Miami is many different things to many different people, but for many visitors, it’s about glamour in an urban form. The city is often called the Magic City, and draws tourists from around the world who want to lie on the beaches, soak up the sun, take a road trip, go shopping, visit Orlando and more.

One thing is for sure, visitors to Miami would be foolish to ignore the fact that without a car, it’s not an easy city to explore. The public transport system is notoriously unreliable and slow, and people who are hoping to get around the city or elsewhere in the state will find that a large chunk of time will be spent waiting for buses.


Another option is to catch a taxi or rely on services such a Lyft or Uber. While this can seem like a good idea in theory, it will often mean that you’ll end up paying more for one ride than you would on a day of car hire, and will still be missing the freedom of simply choosing a destination, getting in the car and going where you please.

While Miami is a good place to visit for people of any age, families in particular will be drawn to Orlando, which is just a four-hour drive away, and hope to some of the most famous theme parks in the United States, including Disney World and Orlando Studios. For this trip, it makes little sense to fly or take a bus, and you should instead rent a car so you can drive to Orlando, spend a day or two having fun on the rides, and drive back.

Another great day trip for families is a trip down to the Everglades. Whether you travel in summer or winter, you’re guaranteed to see alligators swimming in the water or soaking up the sun, and this is a great chance to teach the kids about different animals. For couples, a quick drive down to Key West is a good chance to wander along the beach, visit the shops, try some of the many watersports, check out the buskers, and watch the sunset.


It may be easy to assume that hiring a car will be a costly expense, it doesn’t have to be. Miles Car Rental has excellent options for a variety of budgets, and you’ll find that it’s often a lot cheaper than you think to rent a car.

Along with greater convenience comes greater efficiency, and since you won’t be waiting around for a taxi or Uber, you can see more of Miami and the surrounding attractions in less time- meaning if you’re worried that hiring a car will be expensive, you may be able to stay for less time in the city and pay less for accommodation.

If you’re planning to visit Miami, consider renting a car, and get online for a quote and to be pleasantly surprised about how much you’ll pay for greater convenience.

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