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Have you noticed that London airports are a little cheaper in terms of airfares than many other more regional airports?

If you don’t live particularly close to the capital then this can be a bit of a pain in the neck, however if you live relatively close, or you’re able to travel, then this is a great way to find cheaper flights, enabling you to jet off to more far-flung destinations, more often.


I don’t live that close to London, but this doesn’t stop me from travelling down to Stansted quite often. Why? Well, I find that booking a flight from here, travelling down, and parking up, still comes out cheaper than a flight to the same destination from my regional airport. I don’t mind travelling a little further if it’s worth it for me financially, and I like to make the journey a part of my travel day anyway, stopping off on a few occasions and taking my time. I regularly book East Midlands Airport parking for this, and I find fantastic deals with ParkBCP. Wherever you fly from you will find a service for parking, so this is something you can take advantage of regardless, but this particular service is a regular for me, and one I would highly recommend.

You’ll find that many of the low cost airlines fly from Stansted, which means even more money saved if you can grab a cheap deal. I flew to Istanbul with Pegasus Airlines recently from Stansted, and the price was so cheap, it certainly made my city break more affordable, and I enjoyed myself more whilst I was there because I had more spare cash to spend. Many winter flights head from here too, meaning you can head away during the colder months, and you don’t have to necessarily wait until the sun shines for a prolonged period before jetting off to explore somewhere new.


In these times of saving money wherever possible, chasing a cheaper deal does occasionally mean traveling further, but for me it’s no problem. The way I look at it is this – I work hard for my holidays, and I enjoy every second, right from the moment I leave the house; my travel day is a day on the move whether I’m travelling further in the car or I’m sat in the airport, so if I can save money either way, I’m happy.

If you can find a cheap flight from any of the London airports, don’t let the extra travel put you off. Saving money sometimes means going out of your way a little, but it’s worth it in the end.

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