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Did you know that 65% of people pick summer as their favourite season? This might be because 1 in 3 people are affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in the winter. For people who hate the winter, the idea of going out can seem too hard or overwhelming, and the SADs can make that even worse.

A campaign by Chill has found some interesting information from respondents, and I can agree with most of the results.

Personally, I do everything I can to avoid going out in winter. Sure, the idea of going out to socialise sounds great, but then you have to get all dressed up, and go out in the cold, which doesn’t sound at all appealing.

As someone who frequently travels, I do everything I can to escape winter. In Europe, I lasted from October until mid December before I had to get out and got on a flight to Asia. While the warm season hit with a vengeance while I was there, I would rather be sweating on my moto in traffic than freezing every day while I walk to public transport or from my house to the car.

When I lived in Chicago, there were whole weeks when my friends didn’t see me. Even when we were going to get together at someone’s house, that still meant that I needed to put on five different layers to brave the cold, hope I wouldn’t slip on the ice, and drive in the poor conditions. None of that sounds fun.

Personally, in the winter time I would prefer to play host. People can come to my house and have dinner, we can have a few drinks, maybe watch a movie while we have a hot chocolate, and I can socialise without every needing to leave my house.

While people used to make themselves going out, I feel lucky that I’m in a generation where staying in has become the new going out. With the invention of Netflix and Hulu, people are spending more time at home in front of the TV and less time dancing in the clubs. While I like a good night out as much as the next girl, I would rather do my partying during spring or summer, and spend winter relaxing.

One thing I’m really interested in this year is learning how to cook. When the cold weather strikes again, I would like to begin using my crockpot, learn how to make some good soups, and invite friends over for a cosy dinner.

I see no reason why people should force themselves to go out in the winter when they really want to stay home. No longer is it a given that everyone will be at that party in the middle of winter, and it’s actually more likely that numerous people will say they’re going, and will then cancel at the last minute.

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