Creepy Festivals Around the World

With Halloween just around the corner this month, you might be wondering what other strange festivals go on around the world. From burning paper devils in Guatemala, to the Dance of Death in Spain, there are so many creepy and fascinating things that go on around the world. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Dia de los muertos

Known as “day of the dead” in English, this is one of the world’s most famous creepy festivals that takes place each year in Mexico. The premise of this celebration is to remember those that you love who have passed on. This is a colorful celebration, with many people often painting their faces as skeletons and bright decorations being strewn around the towns. This is a pretty famous tradition and if you’d like a basic introduction to it, you can watch the Disney movie Coco. 

2. Walpurgisnacht 

Known as Walpurgis Night in English, this is considered to be Germany’s second halloween. It’s a creepy celebration where people dress up in costumes, dance around bonfires and of course there is plenty of beer and food. It is in Germany, after all. In the past this celebration was believed to have cured pests, rabies and even witchcraft. 

3. La Quema del diablo

In English, this is called simply the burning of the devil. Usually each town will have a paper or made devil that they burn in the evening of the 7th of December. They do this each year to rid their homes of the evil, and to cleanse it. One of the best places to see this festivity is in the town of Antigua, Guatemala. It takes place near the exit of the colonial city and you’ll find local food vendors scattered around. 

4. The Dance of Death

If you’re in Verges during Easter, you’ll be treated to the Dance of the Dead, which happens on Maundy Thursday. The dance is performed by five people, two mean and three children, who dress up as skeletons and dance to music from a drum. If you miss out on the Dance of Death, don’t worry there’s also the Procession of Verges which features people dressed as skeletons moving through a traditional Spanish Easter procession. 

Interested in learning more about creepy festivals around the world? Well the team at Betway have made this great infographic that allows you to travel through all the creepy festivals around the world. While we’re stuck at home, unable to travel, this is a great way to plan the next trips you’ll take hopefully next year. 

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