Finally the Truth About Festivals

Six out of ten have recently written a blog post about festivals, and how they’re not all they’re cracked up to be. The author mentions numerous reasons why she’s just “so over” festivals, and I’m forced to both agree and disagree.

You see, I agree that festivals just don’t seem like a fun time, especially as someone in their *cough* mid-twenties, but the reason I disagree is because I actually never found them fun to begin with.

I know I know, festivals are a right of passage. But I’m from New Zealand, and the festivals all featured bands I had never heard of (my music taste is extremely mainstream…think Taylor Swift and Jessie J), and were usually in Auckland. Now that I live permanently overseas, and I could theoretically go whenever I like (excluding the often extortionate cost) I just can’t be bothered.


Give me a good concert any day. In fact the night I saw Usher live in Chicago still stands out as one of my best memories ever (Trey Songz opened, it was epic). But you know what I did after that concert? I dodged the thousands of people, managed to get in my car, and went home to my nice comfortable house. There was no sleeping on the ground, stepping over drunk people, or watching men fight.

Maybe it all comes down to my claustrophobia. I’m just not a hugger. I don’t like people in my personal space, and when those lift doors open and there are too many people inside, I’ll simply wait for the next one. That means that a crowd of sweaty humanity, all crowding and pushing at me from all sides is completely unappealing.

And don’t even get me started when it comes to camping. Look, no one in my family likes to camp. I remember the one and only time my mother decided the family needed to go camping, and we drove to a camping ground 20 minutes away, only to return home daily to feed the dog and take showers. We’re just not camping people. Some people grow up camping and love it, while I always preferred to not have to wear flip flops in the shower, or wrestle with a sleeping bag (that claustrophobia thing again).


Pryers solicitors have created a pretty interesting infographic which highlights the dangers of festivals, and this brings me to my last point.

Do you know how many people get hurt or sick at festivals? People regularly get crushed in the crowd, there are always drunk fights breaking out, drunk driving is prevalent, and plenty of drunk people are simply falling over and injuring themselves.

And realistically, your favourite bands are only likely to be on for a couple of songs at most, and chances are you’ll lose track of time and end up in line for the port-a-loo or trying to buy a hotdog. Even if you do see them you’re likely to be hot, sunburnt, exhausted and sick of all the people.

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