Fun Ways to Incorporate Travel into your Everyday Life

If you’ve recently been on holiday, you may be familiar with the post-trip blues- when you return to work and normal life and feel a little depressed about no longer having your days free to explore, missing the sun on your skin, and wishing you were still meeting incredible people from all over the world.

While it may be a little while before you take your next holiday, there are some ways you can still feel like travel is part of your life every day:


Use Pinterest

Pinterest is an amazing way to get inspired and to learn about new destinations. You’ll find incredible photos from all around the world, and you can start your own travel board and pin some of your favourites so you’ll always be inspired and know where you want to go next. It’s also a great resource for planning trips, since many pins lead to informative websites that can teach you everything you need to know about travelling to a destination. If you’ve recently been on an unforgettable trip, you can also upload your own photos to be repinned by others in the Pinterest community.

Learn about the world

One of the reasons why travelling is such an incredible experience is because we’re constantly learning new things and growing as a person. There’s no reason why this can’t continue when you’re at home though, so consider doing everything you can to learn about the world around you while you’re at home. This will make you a more knowledgeable traveller, and you’ll also be more aware of the backgrounds and history of different destinations when you visit. Check out fun online quizzes like this awesome quiz which teaches you about the different countries that no longer exist.


Read some blogs

Travel blogs are great ways to follow along with travellers who are out seeing the world, and feel like you’re along on the trip. Along with being great travel inspiration, you’ll find that they introduce you to new destinations that you may not have considered and places that may have seemed a little scary. If you’re really passionate about travel, why not start your own travel blog? This can be a great way to connect with others who love to travel, and you may find that it leads to some great opportunities like freelance writing assignments or deals within the travel industry.

Plan your trip

If you’re determined to travel and you know you’ve got some saving to do, planning your trip can be an excellent way to keep you motivated. Use websites like Rome2Rio, keep an eye on flights, and make yourself a rough itinerary. You can even go as far as to look up potential hostels or hotels and really work out the nitty gritty details like budgets and schedules. You’ll find that many websites have guidelines that include how much you can expect to spend each day in each place, so this can help you know how much you need to save.

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