Holiday Essentials: The must-pack items

When you’re jetting off on holiday, packing can be a stressful experience. From rushing around finding the right clothes to hauling your suitcases out of the loft or spare room, holidaymakers have to ensure they’ve got everything before they jet off abroad.

Often, however, they forget the most important items. Here’s the must-haves you need to check you have before you head to the airport:



Sunglasses are a ubiquitous tool that can be worn in all kinds of scenarios, from the sun-glare snow of the artic to strolling through Italy. They protect your eyes from the sun and help prevent migraines caused by eye strain.

It’s worth getting a pair of glasses with a proper UV filtering. Designer and prescription sunglasses are available from My Glasses Guru.

Duct Tape

This probably isn’t the first item that comes to mind when you think of jetting off abroad however, it’s an easy thing to pack that can save lots of hassle in the long run. Duct tape comes in handy in a hundred different ways. From minor repairs to DIY waterproofing, a good roll of tape is a must-have.

If you don’t want to carry a bulky roll of tape you can always tear off a 10 foot strip and tie it around a little bit of cardboard that you can tuck away in your suitcase.


First aid kit

Packing a little first aid kit can be a life-saver for both yourself and your family. When travelling as a group, ensure someone packs a small kit that can be taken along on day trips. While you might feel silly carrying it with you, you’ll feel far worse if disaster strikes and you need one.

Grab a first aid kit that can be tucked away into a handy bag. With tablets, dressings and other pieces of medical kit, you’ll have an answer for every small emergency.

Insect repellent

Whether you’re adventuring through the plains, beaches and jungles of South East Asia or heading on a two week break to Greece, you’ll need to protect yourself from biting insects. At best, insects are a pest. At worst, they can carry life-threatening illnesses. Take steps by carrying an insect repellent.

Preferably, pack a natural spray or cream without DEET (diethyltoluamide) as it can be an irritant, especially to young children.


Portable Power Pack

Whether you’re holidaying abroad or going backpacking, you’ll have moments when you’re off grid and need to recharge on the go. A solar powered charging device can be slow to charge and sometimes completely inefficient. Instead, invest in a portable power pack to keep you juiced on the go.

A portable power pack is charged by a wall unit and then holds its charge almost indefinitely, meaning you can take it with you and then plug your phone/laptop into it for power on the go.

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