How to choose a good suitcase?

When preparing for travel, there always is a question of what you should or should not pack and whether the things that you actually do bring along in your suitcase will be enough, will fit the environment and the weather at your destination and if you will have space to put your newly-bought souvenirs, clothes and accessories.


First of all the suitcase that you purchase has to correspond to the maximum weight allowed in the travel class you usually fly. If flying Coach, it is important to remember that most airlines’ policies range from 23 to 25 kgs allowed for check-in luggage. This means that it is best to purchase a suitcase that will limit your weight to that figure. Remember, that it is always best to leave some space for souvenirs and gifts that you will buy during your vacation.

Second, you need to choose a suitcase that is durable enough to last you many years. This includes various factors, such as a built-in frame, solid shape, strong zip, high-quality outside material and preferably bumpers on the sides and bottom. Thanks to modern technology, there are suitcase with such features that are also light-weight and provide extra room inside, with various compartments and tie-down straps to ensure that your clothes arrive in exactly the same way that you packed them.

When choosing the suitcase, it is important to remember that it has to be easy to navigate and maneuver through a crowded airport. It must have four steady wheels and an adjustable handle that will make it easy to roll on various surfaces and in various directions. Remember that before you check in your luggage and after you receive it, you will be the one steering it, so try to do that in the store, to see how easy it is for you and whether you feel comfortable with that model or need something else.


Last but not least is choosing the case based on its appearance. While getting a black one is a classic choice, where you will not be too worried about getting scratches, marks or stickers, some people prefer to get something more colourful and bright to make it easier to spot on the baggage belt. Keep in mind that the suitcase will most likely be subject to various weather conditions and spaces inside the airport and aircraft, so a light-coloured case might not last long and will probably not look as appealing just after the first trip.

Getting a suitcase is highly important – after all this is your wardrobe on wheels while you are travelling. Try to look for something that will not only protect your clothes, but will also last you a long time and be comfortable to navigate through crowded places. If you do want to stand out, think about getting bright stickers or laces for the handles that you will be able to spot from far away. And while a Louis Vuitton suitcase is highly glamorous, think about all the places it will be in, before investing into something that extravagant.

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