How to feel good while travelling

While we all have our set way of life when we are at home, where we try to eat healthy, find those carb-, gluten-, fat-free recipes to try cooking; try to exercise regularly and generally lead a better lifestyle for both us and our families; on vacation we tend to forget all of that and let go. Surely being away from home tends to be liberating, where you can relax and not care, but when you return home, you need another vacation, to recover from the current one. In order to feel good about yourself and refreshed, rather than tired and bloated, on your return, here are some tips of staying healthy and happy even while travelling.


The first thing to do while travelling is to remember to continue eating healthy. While you are faced with a myriad of exotic dishes and ingredients that you have never tried before, take it easy on your digestive system and limit your intake of food. Try to remember that a balanced diet is essential for your overall wellbeing. Do eat a good portion for breakfast – as this will give you energy to explore the destination, enjoy the excursions, or just relax on the beach, without attacking the snack bar after a couple of hours. Gluttony only feels good while you are sitting at the table at the restaurant – you will certainly regret eating everything later.

Another factor that will make you feel healthy, relaxed and full of energy is exercising regularly. Whether it is a morning jog on the beach, a set of push-ups and cardio at the hotel gym, working out will give you an energy boost like nothing else. Start your day with stretching exercises and take it from there – not only will you be able to walk around the city more, but you will also feel less guilty about trying that delicious dessert the night before.

Last, but not least, it is important to always stay hydrated. Many times people forget about the one essential factor that has a massive effect on our health – drinking plenty of water. Always remember to keep a bottle of mineral water in your bag. Some people argue that a person must drink up to 2 litres of water per day, and while that may involve forcing yourself to drink that amount of liquid, staying hydrated is key to adapting to new climatic conditions.


Another essential thing is dressing up for the weather – if you know that the climate is hot and humid – make sure that you wear clothes that will let your skin breathe and which are completely natural. If, on the other hand, you are going North, where there is a high chance of snow, make sure that you bring warm clothes – the last thing you want is catching a cold and staying in your hotel room.

It is true that on your vacation you can do whatever you want, act however you want and wear whatever you want, yet, when you come back, you want to feel refreshed, full of energy and ready to face whatever challenges life has got for you. In order to do that, keep in mind that there are simple yet very effective things you can do, like keeping a well-balanced diet, staying hydrated and performing at least light exercises during your vacation, that will make you feel like a million dollars when you come back home.

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