How to find a good parking spot online

Stop circling the block over and over again, hoping to find the perfect parking spot. Instead, stay on your couch or relax at your desk and find monthly parking online. You’ll save yourself stress, money and time by using the Internet to your advantage. Kick your feet up and follow these easy steps to book your spot now.

  1. Do a quick search online

Begin by visiting your favourite search engine and typing in exactly what you’re looking for. Narrow down your options by entering the exact neighbourhood or intersection where your home or office is located. Then add terms such as “monthly parking spaces” to avoid results that are just for daily parking spots. Another great trick to getting the results you want is searching with quotations around your exact wording; this will reveal pages with the same words in the same order as the phrase in your quotes.


  1. Find a reliable website

Once your search results of populates with thousands of results, you will be faced with the daunting task of sorting through all the websites that are offering monthly parking. Your search engine will do some of the heavy lifting by offering you the most relevant choices on page one. Online marketplaces will most likely be at the very top of the page, but you’ll be dealing with strangers who may or may not be reliable. Search results could also point to major parking lot companies that offer monthly parking rates, but the fees may be exorbitant.

You’ll want to use a reputable parking marketplace that specializes in monthly parking and nothing else. Try Parkopedia, WhereiPark or Parking Panda. Spend a little time with your morning cup of coffee and go through all of the options to find what suits your particular needs.

  1. Compare results

After choosing the most trustworthy website, you’ll want to compare three factors: price, proximity and type of parking lot. Affordability is likely high on your list if you want a monthly parking space that fits within your budget. Location can be important, too; however, a couple extra blocks of walking may be ideal when the weather is nice or if it involves walking past your favourite café on your way to work.

You’ll want to also consider the security available in a big outdoor lot versus an indoor garage in a condo building, for example.

Lastly, most parking marketplaces will share information about the parking lot’s amenities, such as:

  • wheelchair accessibility
  • whether there’s an elevator or only stairs for entering and exiting the parking lot
  • access times to your spot (24/7 or restricted hours)
  • whether the garage is well-lit.
  1. Book your vehicle’s home away from home

Conclude your monthly parking search by reserving your space. A trustworthy website will handle the payment aspect so there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to sharing your credit card information. Websites such as WhereiPark also have a customer service team to answer any questions or concerns that arise.

Have peace of mind knowing where your car is stationed for days at a time thanks to a monthly parking spot that you’ve found online.

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