How to stay fit while travelling?

Regardless of our position in life, social or marital status, and age, everyone wants to live a long and healthy life. That is something that is not just given to us, but we must work on from a young age, including regular exercise, rich and balanced diet and consuming plenty of liquids, excluding alcohol, in order to achieve that. Taking care of our body and investing time in shaping it into any form we want is something extraordinary and while on vacation, don’t neglect it. There are numerous ways in which you can stay fit while travelling and here are some tips on what you can do.


It is true to say that most of the hotels nowadays have a fitness center with all the modern gym equipment to satisfy your needs while you are away from home. Even if you are not staying in a 5* resort with all the facilities, there are gyms outside of hotels used by local residents that can serve your needs just as well. You can negotiate a daily or a weekly fee and use their services. Allocate some time during your holiday to exercise – it doesn’t have to be on a daily basis, but you have to push yourself to leave the beach and hit the treadmill at least a couple of times a week, even for 30 minutes.

Even if your hotel doesn’t have a gym, and you can’t find anything nearby, it shouldn’t stop you – use the facilities and surfaces that are available. Here you have to be imaginative, as this non-traditional fitness venue can be anything – from using the stairs to train your lower body, to calf raises and jumping jacks and lunges for cardio workouts, as well as training your abdominal area and upper body through abs, sit-ups, push-ups and planks. There are numerous applications that you can get to help you exercise with absolutely no gym equipment requierd. From full body training with Tribesports, to 7Minute Workout and Yoga videos on YouTube, there is an endless number of possibilities.

The best exercise that you can do while on holidays that will include both pleasure and a great result on your body is swimming! Whether it is in the sea, ocean or the hotel’s rooftop pool, it has been proven that swimming tones the whole body and is a great cardio workout. Apart from sun tanning on the sun lounge, get into the water, do some laps and enjoy the water, it is phenomenal!


Another great way to integrate fitness into your travels is walking –one of the best ways to explore the area is by foot, which also happens to be a great workout. You can marvel at monuments, landscapes or stunning views, all the while toning your body. Remember that after even a 45 minute power – walk and you can afford to eat that crème brulee you were eyeing at the café next door.

From jogging every morning, to following a pilates class in a language you don’t understand in a rice field, there are countless ways in which you can stay fit even when travelling, all you have to do is allocate the time for it and commit to workout on a regular basis and success is guaranteed.

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