Studying in the UAE

Finding a location for your university degree can be a balancing act. It’s so important to find somewhere that can accommodate your educational and social needs, as well as your future prospects. There have, in recent years, been increasing numbers of educational institutions and businesses extending their reach into the vibrant economy of the Middle East. Here are some reasons to consider one of the seven Emirates for your next step.


World class educational institutions

With the educational institutions in the Emirates setting such high standards on the international stage, Universities in the UAE are steadily ascending the World University Rankings. Courses like Business Studies, Accounting and English perform particularly well, and the considerable advantages to pursuing such undergraduate courses in an international hub are increasingly being recognised.

Superb economical and job prospects

It’s not just undergraduate courses that have serious credentials in the UAE. As one of the most attractive economic centres in the world, there are ample job opportunities for graduates, in fields as diverse as construction, publishing and IT. The spoken business language tends to be English, and if you like the sound of not having to pay tax, consider a move to Dubai, where you can invest all the money saved towards your future.


Network and forge connections

Emirati only comprise around 16% of the population in Abu Dhabi, which means there are a whole load of potential global connections to be forged. Not only is this a valuable place to gain a snapshot of a range of different cultures and outlooks, the friends you make may prove to be useful future business contacts. You’ll also find you’re not the only ex-pat from your country of origin, in such an international and cosmopolitan place as the UAE, it’s likely you’ll meet friends from all over the world .

There’s always something happening

Dubai alone has a year-round calendar of festivals which caters to almost every interest, including golf tournaments, star-studded concerts and shopping festivals. From chilling in coffee shops (a favourite Emirati pastime) to lounging on the beach, this global centre of culture, cuisine and commerce has much to offer incoming students. And when you need to get away from it all, you can always hop on a flight to Europe, Africa or Asia for an adventure. The Emirates is well-positioned for onward travel to all three continents.

If you’re looking for an adventure that will add value and impetus to your future prospects, it’s worth considering studying in the UAE, where your opportunities and life experience will grow exponentially.

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