Top tips for camping this summer

Summer is almost here and holidays are fast approaching. If camping is on the agenda this summer then use these top tips to make the best out of your camping holiday.

Use the right car

Trying to pack your friends or family, plus all the camping equipment into a small car is just no fun at all. To make the journey as comfy as possible, you want a big car like the new Volvo SUV. Not only does a big car like an SUV offer space, but also it’s great to have a four-wheel drive to get to some of the best, hidden off road camping spots around. Never mind the extra luxuries that come with the car too.


Pack cards or board games

Camping isn’t always perfect weather so make sure you have some entertainment on hand in case it rains.

Take warm clothes

Despite it being summer, it can get cold and damp in the evenings and early mornings, so ensure you have enough to wrap up and stay warm.

Take a tarpaulin.

A tarpaulin can serve as extra protection from the rain and wind, or even better from the stinking hot sun. Hang the tarpaulin up above the tent where the morning sun comes in and you get extra shade, keeping the tent nice and cool.


Don’t forget the smores and kindling for the campfire

You can’t go camping with out smores and a campfire, so be sure to pack kindling to light the fire, chocolate, marshmallows and biscuits. No matter how old you are, everyone will enjoy this favourite camping past-time.

You can never have enough of re-sealable bags

Ziplock re-sealable bags can be used for multitudes of things. You can use them for all your toiletry bottles that have a habbit of leaking out into your bag or for the sunscreen in your beach bag. Use them to pack leftovers from dinner and then they lie perfectly flat in the cooler, taking up less space than containers. If a freezer is accessible then you can fill them with water, freeze and you have a perfect ice pack to cool off or help with that sunburn. All dried goods should go in the bags too, to keep all the ants and creepy crawlies out.


  1. Take extra rope.

Extra rope is always needed when camping. Sometimes it might be to tighten the tent down if there is bad weather, or create a washing line for all your beach towels. Either way, don’t leave the house without some spare rope as guaranteed it will come in handy.



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