Unwinding after a long haul flight

Sometimes travelling to your destination can be tiring and exhausting. Upon arrival, especially after a long haul flight, you feel drained and don’t even have the energy to think of exploring the city or being active. Although this is a natural reaction of your body to a rather long journey, there are multiple ways in which you can relax and rejuvenate your senses in order to wake up refreshed and energised the next day.

First of all, take it easy on yourself. Travelling by plane is already stressful to your body, especially your skin. That’s why you should drink plenty of water, to hydrate your body, and try to push away any stressful thoughts. Even if you just came back from a rather long business trip and have an important meeting in the morning, take the time you have before that to unwind and calm yourself.


A great way of helping soothe your body is taking a bath – don’t be greedy with the bubble bath soap and any essential oils that will do aromatherapy miracles on your mind. Light up some candles, dim the lights, and soak in the therapeutic water, letting go of all the tension that you may have in your system.

Having a nice dinner can also help. Instead of cooking it yourself, go to a nearby restaurant or order room service – there is no need to dress up fancy, do something simple that will boost your energy levels. A hearty meal of comfort food will be a perfect choice in this situation.

Enjoying a glass of chilled wine can help you relax even further. Enjoy the moment of peace and quiet, let go of the anxiety and rather try to restore your inner balance. Consume that wine slowly and one glass should suffice to calm you down.


If you are staying at a hotel after your long haul flight, booking a spa treatment is a great way of unwinding. There is nothing like a relaxing full body aromatherapy massage in a holistic setting to stimulate your senses and bring you back to life. Ask the therapist to lower the music, let them know that you have just been travelling, and let go.

Travelling long distances on an airplane are far from the most enjoyable experience you can have, yet it is the best way of seeing the world, doing business on an international level and visiting the places others are dreaming of. While it is exhausting on the body and mind, enjoying a bubble bath or a full body massage can restore your energy and ensure that you wake up refreshed the next morning. Take this time to yourself and try to relax, even if it is in a company of a good book and a beautiful view.

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