Why Paris is Still my Favourite City in the World

There’s something timeless about Paris. A city that refuses to grow old gracefully, and yet retains all of its charm, there are many things to like about Paris, especially if you’re visiting for the first time.

But I’ve found that Paris seems to get better every time I visit, and there’s always something new to do and see in this city which has been drawing artists and writers for hundreds of years.

Here are some reasons why Paris continues to be, and will always be, my favourite city in the world:


The Romance

Someone is always being wooed in Paris, and with an old-world, incredibly romantic ambiance, it’s easy to see why. Fred Astaire sang it best when he insisted that “Paris loves lovers”, and you’re likely to see plenty of people enjoying a romantic evening with their other half and maybe even glimpse a marriage proposal or two while you’re there.

Seeing the Louvre lit up at night, admiring the Eiffel tower and walking down cobblestone streets is an excellent way to soak up that romantic atmosphere.

A neighbourhood feel

Unlike many cities that have sold out to bigger chains, Parisians still have “their spot” where they can buy everything they need. Customers chat with shopkeepers, who are pillars in their communities, and you’ll find cheese sellers, bakers and butchers all within walking distance wherever you are in Paris, giving this city a small-town charm that’s hard to match.


The Prices

Many people consider Paris to be an expensive city, and if you’re comparing it to prices in Southeast Asia then this might be true. But Paris can be surprisingly affordable, with the metro costing half as much as the Tube in London and plenty of discounts for people under 30, especially at theatres, museums and concerts, and if you grab a bread roll, some cheese and a cheap bottle of wine you can eat extremely well without blowing the bank.

It’s Safe

The way that Paris is laid out has ensured that most poverty and crime is constrained to certain areas, and visitors and residents in Paris feel safe and free to take public transport and walk around. Other than the threat of pickpockets, it’s unlikely that you’ll be a victim of any crime in Paris.

The Food

The French love their food, and I’ll never understand how they all stay so slim. With wine, cheese, macaroons, and all of the baked goods you can eat, it’s easy to go overboard in Paris- something that everyone needs to do at least once. This is a city with excellent neighbourhood restaurants and some of the best places to eat food from the best chefs in the world. Whatever you’re in the mood for, you can find it in Paris.

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