Top 5 Super Foods

We seem to live as if we are constantly running to or from something. Work, home, work, home, the occasional Netflix binging and that’s about everything there seems to be with the most of our lives. We are constantly running from one place to another, as if time has run up and we really need to finish up this “level” to get to the new one.

Eating is not one of our primary concerns – and when it is, it’s not always in the right way. And yet, food provides us with the energy we need to run, to work, to take care of our families and to live. Paying attention to what you put in your mouth can change your life to the better: you will feel more energized, happier, thinner, healthier and more active (physically and mentally as well).

Which are the top 5 super foods you really need to include in your diet? Here they are:



Delicious and versatile, salmon is one of the best types of fish (and one of the best types of food) you should definitely stock up on. The Omega-3 fatty acids in this fish will give you energy, they will make your circulatory system function much, much better and they will improve the way in which your brain functions as well. Super-food for super-people indeed!

Green Tea

It has been known for a very long while that green tea is one of the greatest miracles of Mother Nature. Truthfully, this tea is energizing, it will push your digestive system, it will help your kidneys, your heart, your weight-loss diet and your brain as well. And, on top of it all, green tea is also believed to be able to fight cancer due to the large quantity of anti-oxidants it contains.



Many people believe that meat and animal products are the only ones rich in proteins. Wrong! Beans, for example, contain a lot of proteins and, aside from that, they contain quite a lot of fiber as well. Specialists say that we should get about 3 cups of beans every week – and we could not be more grateful for this tip of advice, really. They are delicious, they can be integrated in various dishes and they help us stay energized even when on a weight loss program! What’s not to like about beans?


Soy is an excellent replacement for meat and, when it comes in its more “liquid” forms, it is also a great replacement for milk too. Leaving this aside though, soy is high in fiber, protein and it can fight high levels of cholesterol – and these things make the basic soy beans a miracle super food you should definitely bring into your diet. Do keep in mind that soy sauce is not included here and that you should focus on soy milk, tofu and edamame!



Rejoice because dark chocolate is a super-food with all the properties super-foods have! Chocolate will bring you a nice kick of energy, it will heighten the endorphin levels in your body (these are the “happiness” hormones) and it will fight cancer, bad mood, depression, poor immunity and many other ailments and medical conditions you may suffer from. Not to mention it is one of the most delicious foods to have ever travelled the surface of the Earth!


Three Tips for Being More Productive

Regardless of what field you work in, regardless of what you do for a living and regardless of how much you are getting paid for it, being productive is something you just have to do if you want to be really successful and if you want to truthfully impress the people you work with. Which are the very best tips on how to become more productive? Here you have the top 3 of them:



3. Fight Your Procrastination Instincts

One Facebook like there, one Tweet here, another Instagram selfie over there and before you know it, one hour of your working time has just flew by. Being productive and procrastinating are really antonyms and you should make sure to fight your instinct to lag and delay your work.

It will not be easy – and even less so when you are working in front of a computer and temptations lurk just one click away – but once you do it, you will realize just how great a change it can make. Think of all the things you could do, think of all the money you could win and think of all the satisfaction you could feel if you simply stopped procrastinating and you will be able to motivate yourself.

2. Be Real Knowledgeable at What You Do

Invest time in learning new things about what you do and do it before you actually need them. This way, when you will be working on a tight deadline you will not have to waste your time off trying to learn that new thing. It makes sense, right? Prepare yourself in advance, read, practice and improve your skills. It may seem like you’re spending tons of time doing this, but it will eventually make you much more productive. Just think of computers back when they were just beginning to be introduced in offices: at first, people were more than reluctant. But when they noticed that knowing how to work on a computer would improve their productivity, they started learning this skill. This functions the very same with everything else productivity-related so make sure to keep your eyes and your mind open for the possibilities!


1.  Sleep Well, Eat Right, Work Out

Yes, your productivity can definitely be enhanced by you sleeping much better, eating better and working out as well. In fact, these are the very first things you will have to do. Not sleeping properly can make you sluggish and, even if you feel like you are gaining 2-3 extra-hours of work by staying up very late, the truth is that you are stealing yourself off precious time from the following day.

As for eating better and working out, they are not just for your waistline. They are for your brain as well. It is a proven fact that certain foods (salmon, for example) can energize you and they can provide your brain with essential fatty acids it needs in order to function at its best. It is also a proven fact that people who work out have more energy and they can stay concentrated for longer as well. In conclusion, get some “beauty” sleep, wake up to a healthy breakfast and sweat your body off a bit as well because your productivity level will thank you for it!


4 Easy Tips for Keeping Your Home Tidy

Keeping your home tidy is not just a matter of aesthetics; it is about making yourself feel genuinely good in your own home. Believe it or not, this can affect your productivity, your energy levels and your mood and it is absolutely essential for your health as well!

How to keep your home tidy the easiest way? Here are 4 tips that will help you more than you even believe it yourself!


Don’t Let the Untidiness Grow on You

That is, clean and tidy up your house regularly. Set one day a week when you clean up all of the rooms in your house. Stick to your schedule and never miss one of these days because this is usually where the disaster starts!

By grooming your house regularly, you can avoid the endless piles of paper, the bottomless laundry bin and the tornado in your kitchen cupboard as well. Trust this: it is much easier to maintain than to actually start it all over every two months!

Split the Work

If you live with someone else in your house, make sure that they get to do their share of housekeeping as well. It’s not fair for just one person to take care of everything so split the tasks among all the members of the household. Dividing the tasks will help all of you because you will all live in a better environment and you will all enjoy the benefits that come with this. If you have kids that don’t want to tidy up their room, make sure you know how to motivate them (and, as unbelievable as it may seem, grounding them does not always work the way you want it to!).


Throw Away Everything You Don’t Need

OK, that pair of jeans you used to wear in high school? It may fit you again sometime soon, but the truth is that it is most likely out of fashion and that even if you do manage to get in it, you may not look as good as you did back then. Instead of keeping everything around, try to sort out the things you actually use (clothes, books, various household items) from the things you’re just keeping around “just in case”. You will be amazed at just how much space you will find in your wardrobe after this!

If you don’t want to simply throw all these things away, donate them to someone who will definitely need them. Or, if you want to make some cash off this, organize a garage sale (or an online “garage” sale on eBay, if you want to). You may not be able to make a fortune, but it’s still money and it’s still more than welcome no matter what.


Boxes and containers are really helpful if you want to keep your home tidy. Box your shoes, box your magazines, box your socks, box your kid’s toys and box pretty much everything you have. Instead of having tons of magazines, socks and whatnot spread all over the house, you will keep them organized in their little boxes. Even more than that, you can even make these boxes look really nice and actually display them too!


Unwinding after a long haul flight

Sometimes travelling to your destination can be tiring and exhausting. Upon arrival, especially after a long haul flight, you feel drained and don’t even have the energy to think of exploring the city or being active. Although this is a natural reaction of your body to a rather long journey, there are multiple ways in which you can relax and rejuvenate your senses in order to wake up refreshed and energised the next day.

First of all, take it easy on yourself. Travelling by plane is already stressful to your body, especially your skin. That’s why you should drink plenty of water, to hydrate your body, and try to push away any stressful thoughts. Even if you just came back from a rather long business trip and have an important meeting in the morning, take the time you have before that to unwind and calm yourself.


A great way of helping soothe your body is taking a bath – don’t be greedy with the bubble bath soap and any essential oils that will do aromatherapy miracles on your mind. Light up some candles, dim the lights, and soak in the therapeutic water, letting go of all the tension that you may have in your system.

Having a nice dinner can also help. Instead of cooking it yourself, go to a nearby restaurant or order room service – there is no need to dress up fancy, do something simple that will boost your energy levels. A hearty meal of comfort food will be a perfect choice in this situation.

Enjoying a glass of chilled wine can help you relax even further. Enjoy the moment of peace and quiet, let go of the anxiety and rather try to restore your inner balance. Consume that wine slowly and one glass should suffice to calm you down.


If you are staying at a hotel after your long haul flight, booking a spa treatment is a great way of unwinding. There is nothing like a relaxing full body aromatherapy massage in a holistic setting to stimulate your senses and bring you back to life. Ask the therapist to lower the music, let them know that you have just been travelling, and let go.

Travelling long distances on an airplane are far from the most enjoyable experience you can have, yet it is the best way of seeing the world, doing business on an international level and visiting the places others are dreaming of. While it is exhausting on the body and mind, enjoying a bubble bath or a full body massage can restore your energy and ensure that you wake up refreshed the next morning. Take this time to yourself and try to relax, even if it is in a company of a good book and a beautiful view.


Which Gaming System to Buy?

The gaming industry has evolved more than a lot throughout the past few decades. From Solitaire and Chess to Assassin’s Creed V and incredibly complex games with graphics meant to awe, there seems to be a huge leap. And yet, it’s just a matter of a couple of decades.


Together with the gaming industry the gaming system industry evolves as well. These days, you can get a good and affordable gaming system guaranteed to cover for all the current games and the vast majority of the ones that are to be released over the next years. However, how do you make the last call? How do you actually settle on something? There are some factors you may want to take into consideration if you want to decide on something that is actually suitable for you:

The Brand

Of course, there are many gaming consoles out there – and we are more than certain that many others are to come as well. But when it comes to the final battle, Xbox and PS will always stand face-to-face. Xbox comes in two versions these days (the 360 and the One) and PS comes in two versions as well (PS 3 and 4). There are many things that differentiate both between the brands and between each model each brand offers, but doing a bit of research should help you settle on that which is genuinely the best one for you.



If you want the utmost performance, buy the latest models because it will be worth it. Even if the games will work just fine on the older models as well, there will still be either a bit of lagging or a lower graphics card performance. If you don’t mind these things though, you can also buy an older model and you will be able to play at least the current games (which should keep you busy for quite some time, actually).


If you are running on a smaller budget, you don’t want to spend a lot of money on something that is essentially entertainment. Even if you are an avid gamer, money may still be an issue for you and it can still play an important role in the final decision. Whatever you do though, make sure that you don’t settle for the lowest price just because it’s low. Try to search for the optimum price-performance ratio and you’ll be happy with your purchase.


A Computer

Aside from gaming consoles, desktop computers can make for amazing gaming systems as well. They come with a lot of benefits, including the fact that you’ll be able to do other things than gaming on them and the fact that they are highly customizable. The downfall? Most medium-to-high-end systems will cost you more than gaming consoles. On top of that, some of the cool new games are released first on consoles and only then on PC (and the latest Grand Theft Auto is one of the first examples that goes very well here).


Three Reasons to Buy a New Car

Buying a car is always a big investment – and you will really want to make the most of it no matter what budget you have available. To many people, buying a used car feels like the best option (and for some of them, it actually is). But if you are looking into making a long-term investment, buying a new car always gains the upper hand.

How so? There are, of course, many reasons buying a new car is the best thing to do. We have gathered 3 of the most important ones. Hopefully, they will give you a better idea on what kind of benefits new cars offer, especially as compared to used cars.


The Warranty

One of the first and foremost reasons for which many people choose to buy a new car and not a used one is the warranty. Once you buy your new car from an authorized dealer, you have warranty over its parts. Just in case something breaks (which is far more unlikely in the case of new cars than it is in the case of used cars), you will simply have to take the car back and the broken part will be replaced at no cost. Comparing this to a used car, you would not only stand much more “chances” of seeing your car break right under your nose, but you would also get to invest a lot more money in repairing and replacing parts on the long-term.


A new car comes with new features, great improvements and various gimmicks that make a driver’s life happier and more contempt with his/her car. Of course, there are used cars that are very much powerful and efficient as well, but technology is really moving very fast from one year to another – which means that the newer the car, the more modern its features are. This goes beyond smartphone integration and gadgets that are simply “awesome” and it reaches safety, fuel consumption and general ease of driving as well. Well worth it!


Beauty & Feeling

Let’s admit it, you can buy a used car that was manufactured just last year, but it will never, ever be the same as a brand new, shiny car whose owner you are. Even when used cars are more than properly maintained and even if not one single scratch can be found on them, they are still not as beautiful as the older models. There’s something about the feeling of being behind of a brand new wheel, in a brand new car, with its polished body, with its completely new design that cannot be compared to anything else out there. And, for many people out there, this feeling is precisely what draws the line when it comes to deciding on a new car over a used one.

New cars are far superior from many points of view. With the financing options available these days, almost anyone with a decent salary can afford a new car that is not pricy and comes with all the benefits new cars offer. Shop around, ask around and make the decision that will work best on the long-term!


Apple iPhone 6 Review

Much rumored (and much awaited as well) Apple’s iPhone 6 is finally here and it got us all excited. As some previous rumors had it, Apple released two phones: the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. Both of them have the main same features, but the main difference is that the first comes with a screen measuring 6.9 mm and the second comes with a slightly larger screen measuring 7.1 mm. Both of the phones are available starting September 19th, but you are already able to pre-order them if you are eager to lay your hands on the new toys.


The Screen

Aside from the obvious growth of the new iPhone, its screen is also sapphire-protected (although rumors had it that it would be ion-strengthened) and that means that there’s less chance your precious one gets scratched. Furthermore, the resolution has been pushed further to 1134 X 750 and the general appeal of the colors is absolutely beautiful (but we have already gotten used to that, right?).

The Camera

The camera of the new iPhones has also been improved a lot. For starters, it will give you sharper autofocus, which was an issue with the previous models. Also, you have the option of shooting 240p slow-motion videos and shooting in 1080p at 60fps. Other improvements include the fact that the new iPhone’s camera offers much better noise reduction and tone mapping as well.


Under the Hood

iPhone 6’s new processor is quite impressive as well. Unlike its previous model (the A7), the new A8 is able to pack much more graphical quality – but we are still not very certain if this will actually translate in anything noticeable when it comes to iOS games. Plus, the M8 co-processor offers a track evaluation feature – extremely useful when you want to count how many stairs you have climbed (and yes, the new iPhone will distinguish between cycling and walking as well).

Apple Pay

The days of credit cards (and not to mention cash!) are approaching their very abrupt end. The new iPhone will be able to help you make payments with nothing else than…the phone itself! At “fault” is the new Apple Pay feature which works with MasterCard, Visa and American Express and encrypts your Touch ID fingerprint to enable you to pay contactless with your phone. Judging by this kind of “skills” more and more devices will come with in the future, we can safely assume that we are not very far from the Jetsons Family lifestyle.


Battery Life

If there is one thing we all hate when it comes to smartphones in general is that their battery does not have a very long life. Apple is on its way to remedying that because the new iPhone 6 will allow you to have your phone on standby for no less than 250 hours, to browse the Internet on Wi-Fi for 11 hours, to play music for no less than 80 hours and to play HD videos for about 14 hours. Considering the previous models, this is quite impressive as well!


4 Ways to Save Money Around the Home

Saving money is never an easy task – and even less so in this day and age when we are surrounded by amazing marketing strategies that make us want things that we don’t actually need. If you add this to the fact that the economy is not at its most flourishing time either, you realize that saving money feels like an impossible thing to do.

And yet, it is more than doable. In fact, small things you can do around the home can change everything for the health of your piggy bank. Which are the best 4 ways to save money doing simple things? Here they are:


Turn Off the Tap Water

You don’t need to hear the water flowing into your sink each morning when you soap your body, shampoo your hair or brush your teeth. Sure, it may not seem like a lot of water goes down the drain (literally and figuratively), but the truth is that these small amounts add up to make the large difference at the end of the year. Don’t get this wrong, you will most likely not be able to afford going to Belize on the money you save this way, but if you combine this with other money saving tips as well, you will at least be able to afford something more than nice.

Do the Dishes

…Manually, that is. That dishwasher is cool and it works great when you are tired and you just can’t stand the idea of doing that whole mountain of dishes stacked in the kitchen sink on your own. But if you have the time (or simply the willingness), you can really do this yourself. It will use much less energy, it can actually be relaxing and it will get the dishes shiny and clean. Pay attention to the water usage though! As mentioned in the previous tip, turning off the tap when you are not actually using it can go quite a long way.


Don’t Use the Clothes Dryer

Again, there are many appliances that truly make our lives much easier, but you can skip using them every once in a while without any kind of issues. Your clothes dryer, for example, is using much more energy than your actual washing machine (even when it’s an energy-saving model). On the other hand though, line drying your clothes is completely free and it will get the job done (sure, it may take a bit more, but at least they will smell fresh).

Cook at Home

Now, we are not all born to be Gordon Ramsay. But we can all scrap something to eat even when we are not excellently skilled in the kitchen. With the access to information we have these days (please meet our common friend, YouTube), you can really, really learn a lot about cooking. Aside from the fact that it is a much healthier eating option and that you will most likely learn to love doing it, it is also a much less expensive alternative than take-outs, orders and eating out.


4 Best Cars of 2014

Roaring and angry, the cars of 2014 have impressed us with many new features – and with many older features we can’t get enough of. This year is not yet done, but it is steadily approaching the big bridge that leads to 2015 (and to new and exciting car models as well). We can safely say that it has been a generous year for every gear-loving man and woman out there – but which are the very best, la crème de la crème of the 2014 car-manufacturing industry? Which are the top 4 cars we all loved this year?

Read on and find out more.


Audi A6

Well, this is the kind of car that will probably make you want to cry because it is truly, truly marvelous from so many points of view! Its design will bring tears of joy to your eyes, but so will everything else about its engineering. The Germans at Audi know very well that they do everything perfectly and this car is just the epitome of what car-perfection looks like. Amazing new features such as the writing touchpad (which will actually discern your scribbles and Google the destination you need) and many other new “skills” will add up to the amazing performance, gorgeous looks and overall perfection of this car. Prices do start at around $56,000 – but for that money you are not just getting any car, you are getting the sublime and epitome of the car-making industry in 2014.


Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

If sports cars are what you are into, this car will definitely amaze you. Everything about this car is roaring, from its marvelous design to its tires and steering system. You will feel great driving this car precisely because it gives you the real feeling of control and beauty at the same time. Perfectly engineered, this is the kind of car you’ll simply love with all your heart.


Honda Accord

As a perfect blend between the traditionally American love of cars and the traditionally Japanese love of perfection in engineering, Honda Accord’s name is absolutely perfect. Yes, this car is balanced from all points of view: the looks, the performance, the feeling it gives you. Considering the fact that it falls into the rather affordable group of cars (with prices starting at around $35,000), you can definitely say with all your heart that this car is one of the best 2014 has brought to us.


Volkswagen Golf GTI

We’ve had another German car on our list, but this one falls into an entirely different section: the affordable car. Mentioned as one of the best cars of the year on many tops, this Golf is a winner from all points of view. You can get your hands on the 200 hp turbocharged 2.0 liters its offers and on the perfect comfort it comes with for a more than fair price that starts at around $21,000  (or about $26,000 for the TDI version). Whichever you choose though, rest assured that you will be more than happy with the performance and looks you get for the money.



How to bring an outfit back to life?

While fashion houses work very hard every year to come up with mind-blowing collections, be it for the Spring-Summer or the Autumn-Winter seasons, sometimes we are limited in our resources to be able to give our wardrobe a make-over every couple of months. Regardless of our job, social status or position in the society, every woman has classic pieces that can be worn in multiple situations, be it a night out with friends, or a work outfit. These vary, from a clear-cut black dress, to suit pants and a jacket, to just a pencil skirt and a blouse. Whatever the contents of your wardrobe, there are ways in which you can infuse life and an exciting touch to even the most plain outfit you own, here is how.


First and foremost rule of a good look are accessories! Whatever outfit you are planning on wearing, you can bring it back to life with bright accessories, such as a funky necklace, glamorous bangles or bracelets and fashionable earrings. Investing in jewelry that will work for you is easy, when you know what you are looking for. There are multiple brands that create stunning pieces that will be a showstopper. Think of Dolce & Gabbana bulky earrings, Ek Thongprasert necklace, Mise en Dior tribal earrings, Collier de Chien Hermes bracelets and Repossi rings. All these are pieces that you can wear with anything and to any occasion. There are more affordable options from other brands, but target something bold and striking for a look that will tell the world who you are.

Another great way of taking your outfit to another level is improving it with a statement bag. Bags, including totes, clutches, purses and even fashionable backpacks have the power of turning your look 180 degrees. Think Celine Trapeze in nude suede worn with a black pencil skirt, or a PS1 in eclectic purple with a black dress – it takes you from boring working gal, to a glamorous fashionista. Go to the closest department store, browse the bags section and find the bag that will not only suit the style you are aiming for, but also be comfortable to carry. If you can’t afford the bag, make a plan of putting money aside every month to save up and treat yourself to the It-bag that will transform your life.


Sometimes something simple, like adding layers or putting another top can shed a new light on an old ensemble! Here you have a myriad of options – from choosing a fancy top, to a see-through blouse to throw over your dress or strapless top; to adding multiple khaki layers to turn a work suit into a play-suit for a night out. Open any fashion magazine and you will see that it is all about combining various materials and textures together to come up with something that will be individually you.

Following fashion weeks and reading magazines can not only give you ideas on what is in fashion right now but also how you can combine various pieces together. Even if you cannot afford luxury brands, it does not mean that you cannot come up with a style that will not only differentiate you from everyone else but will also turn a very mundane outfit into something original that others will envy. Don’t be scared to play with styles, layers and colours, try things in front of a mirror and dare to be bold and different, as this is what makes you – you!

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